In Gazimestan, Milan Rakich


Железничка станица у приштини Železnička stanica u Prištini, četnici Lapskog odreda vojvode Tankosića postrojeni pred regentom Aleksandrom,na današnji dan 1912. .jpg
Railway station in Pristina and Lab’s detachment chetniks of Duke Tankosic, standing before the regent Alexander, on this day 22. October 1912.

ON THIS DAY: 22. October 1912. – The Third Serbian Army with General Božidar Boža Janković heavily defeated Turkish forces and liberated Pristina and Kosovo and Metohija, known as The Old Serbia.

Milan Rakich and Vladeta Kovacevich in Pec, then occupied by Ottomans and Albanians,  with local Serbs

In Gazimestan*, by Milan Rakich 1912.

Mighty knights in armour, fearless and proud, 
Stern – looking, fierce and cold as your armour, 
You charged forward amidst a dust cloud, 
Were swallowed by a bloodbath and heavy clangour,

The shaken empire along with you did fall

When the storm from Kosovo did retreat, 
An endless pit remained that devoured all,
A huge charnel house, glorious in defeat.

Kosovo heroes, to glory You did soar, 

Fighting to the last in the grim battle; 
When a rotten empire did go to war, 
Each dead hero showed sacrificial mettle.

They say that we, the children of today, 

Are unworthy of our historic goal, 
That we have fallen under Western sway, 
That abject fear and danger fill our soul.

My good country, mother, – they lie! He who yields 

Love to You today loves You faithfully, 
Before us, neither barren rocks nor fields
Could give love to anyone truthfully.

Today, when the final battle does occur, 

Not illumined by the old halo’s glow
To give You my life, I readily concur,
What I give and why I fully well know.


*Gazimestan, Gazi Mestan is a low mound in Kosovo i Metohija, near Pristina. That’s where the Kosovo Battle occurred.

Serbian army from Serbia and Montenegro in liberated Djakovica

The picture below: The next day, 23. October 1912, – Turkish attack on Serbs initiated Kumanovo battle, in which the First Serbian Army under the command of the regent Karađorđevic for only two days heavily defeated Turkish Vardar Army under the command of Zeki Pasha. That was one of the most significant Serbian victory in the First Balkan War.

Turski general posle poraza 1912.jpg