The First fully successful False Flag operation – the Markale massacre

 During his testimony in defence of Radovan Karadzic, former Bosnian Muslim policeman stated before the Hague Tribunal that the grenade that murdered 66 and left 140 persons injured at Markale market in Sarajevo, was actually fired by (Muslim) Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, by order of then-leader Alija Izetbegovic –  
On this day one of the filthiest false flags operations took place – Markale false flag op: On 5 February 1994, at the Sarajevo market “Markale” 68 people died from the blast of apparently only one mortar shell, what Serbs have been falsely accused of.
Serbian side has pleaded not guilty, claiming that the government staged the tragedy of Sarajevo controlled by the leader of the Party of Democratic Action, Alija Izetbegovic. There have never been conducted an independent investigation of the attack; the same happened with the attack from August 1995. that occurred almost at the same place which resulted as the Bosnian Muslims desired: a massive air attack of NATO and bombardment of Republika Srpska.
Almost since the beginning of the Bosnian war in the spring of 1992, there have been persistent reports — readily found in the European media but little reported in the United States — that civilian deaths in Muslim-held Sarajevo attributed to the Bosnian Serb Army were in some cases actually inflicted by operatives of the Izetbegovic regime in an (ultimately successful) effort to secure American intervention on Sarajevo’s behalf. These allegations include instances of sniping at civilians as well as three major explosions, attributed to Serbian mortar fire, that claimed the lives of dozens of people and, in each case, resulted in the international community’s taking measures against the Muslims’ enemies – the Serbs..
Izetbegovic and Islamist cleric Ceric : “Organize attacks on surrounding Serbian villages in order to ” provoke the Serbs ” to fight back,  for “the victims are not important in the way of the Allah, the Almighty”
The  brilliant American intellectual, Michael Parenti,   was one of the very few  who  were able to see-saw the truth about the Markale: Michael Parenti Reveals The Lies About Markale massacre:

Under the coded pseudonym KW -586, the witness, hidden behind the adjusted voice, stated that he was a member of the Bosnian Muslim special unit “Pearls “, (1992-1994) when he was in charge of securing the Presidency during the period when the Body held sessions at the National Bank building in Sarajevo.
The Witness KW -568 claimed that due to his duty he has had the opportunity to hear what the then – Bosnian Muslim President Alija Izetbegovic, together with his son Bakir and the head of the Islamic Community of Bosnia and Herzegovina Reis- ul- ulema Mustafa Ceric and other officials spoke at meetings. The witness accused Izetbegovic of planning terrorist attacks on Bosnian Muslims in order to cause civilian casualties in Sarajevo, Markale as well as in Srebrenica in order to accuse Serbs and extort NATO intervention in favour of the Muslims.
” Izetbegovic was under an extremely strong influence of local Muslim cleric with strong Turkish ties, Reis- ul- Ulema Ceric. Izetbegovic’s main goal was to gain Western intervention on behalf of the Muslims by causing “mass suffering in Sarajevo and Srebrenica, provoking the Serbs to fire back and shell civilian targets, including hospitals:”
KW -586 testified that he heard Izetbegovic and religious leader Ceric to consider ” what would happen if a shell would hit the Markale market”.
“Only a few days later, on February 5. 1994, it really happened “, said the witness, arguing that the ABiH (the Muslim army) fired a grenade at Markale from the area of the village Mrkovići;
“It was done by orders of General ABiH (Bosnian Muslim army, NATO protege) Sefer Halilovic, and the Unit who accomplished the task was under the command of General Mustafa Hajrulahović, called ‘the Italian’.”
According to the indictment against Karadzic, the first explosion of a mortar shell at Markale took place on 5 February 1994, when 66 people were killed and more than 140 injured.
Alija Izetbegovic agreed with Bosnian Muslim gen. ( ABiH ) Sefer Halilovic that it should be done, and Sefer turned to ”the Italian” and said, ‘ The Italian will take care of that .” The first attempt wasn’t successful – a grenade fell close to the market; then, in order to try again, they waited for the familiar UNPROFOR crew (with whom we had a deal NOT TO COUNT OUR SHELLS) to come to nearby checkpoint ” the witness explained.
In the spring 1994 , according to the statement of the same witness, Alija Izetbegovic and Reis- ul- Ulema Ceric met the commander of the 28th Division of the ABiH in Srebrenica, Naser Oric and ordered him to organize attacks on surrounding Serbian villages in order to ” provoke the Serbs ” to fight back, adding that “the victims are not important in the way of the Allah, the Almighty.”
Sacrificing  his own people’s lives is  worth when done to satisfy  the Almighty Allah – The Islamic Declaration author, former SS Handjar member,  Alija Izetbegovic  with mujahedins 
13.Waffen-Gebirgs-Division der SS “Handschar” (kroatische Nr.1). Muslim volunteers from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Alija Izetbegovic is second from the left