SS Handschar Division – a monster created by Hitler and Pavelic

The notorious “SS Handschar Division”  carried out and emphasized the massacres of wounded and captured Serbs as well as partisans,  with the majority of Serbian combatants.

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SS Handschar

The spiral of their crimes was one-dimensional – it equally referred to the elderly, women and children and adult men …

At the beginning of March 1943, at the initiative of the German Nazis and with the cooperation of Ante Pavelic, leader of Nazi Independent State of Croatia, the “SS Handschar Division” was formed.

It was composed largely of Bosnian Muslim youth from today’s Bosnia i Hercegovina and Raska area  (central Serbia), who committed unimaginable crimes against the Serbian population and partisans, whose majority of members were again, the Serbs.

At the time when it was established, this Division numbered 21,064 soldiers, Bosnian Muslim men.

SS Troops of the Waffen 13'th SS Mountain Division 1st Croation pose for a group photo.jpg
Bosnian Muslim Nazi remain forgotten –  Troops of the Waffen 13’th SS Mountain Division “1’st Croatian” pose for a group photo

According to the available and documentation, from March to October 1944 the SS Handschar Division committed numerous war crimes in Srem and in the northeastern part of BiH, which by their cruelty and manner of execution, far exceeded those of the Nazis.

Serbian peasants digging their own graves before execution Croatia Kordun 1941.
Serbian peasants digging their own graves before execution, Independent  State of Croatia (NDH) 1941.

Matias Franja, commander of the 28th commander of that division, was testified before the court in 1945, and later a member of the division’s division. In his testimony, speaking of one of the actions, he said:

“These people slaughtered everything they were encountering, which did not carry fez. There have been cases where the Bosnian Muslim officers saw people working in the field.  They did not know mercy  –  to satisfy their sadism and Serb hatred, those people were doomed… not to live anymore. ”
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During the six month period, at least 1.803 Serbs were killed in the area of ​​Brcko, Bijeljina, Zvornik, Ugljevik, Sekovica, Vlasenica, Gradacac, Bosanski Samac, Lopar, Tuzla, Lukavac and Kladanj, and more than 700 civilians in the area of ​​Sid, Sremska Raca and Vinkovci area.

Germ prop g nd ll Serbs must die

German propaganda: Serbs Must Die

The members of this unit particularly emphasized the massacre of wounded and captured Serbs, regardless they were Partisans or simply inhabitants. The spiral of crime was one dimensional – it equally referred to the elderly, women and children, and adult men.

The “Handschar Division” was particularly keen on Serbian women, who were raped and massacred by cutting parts of the body/breast and other organs.

Amin Al Husseini shown here on a Nazi poster recruiting fellow Muslims to join Hitler
Amin Al Husseini is shown here on a Nazi poster recruiting fellow Bosnian Muslims to join Hitler

During  his testimony about the crimes of this unit in Lopar region, a prisoner gave the following testimony:

After killing partisans, the SS division arrested 218 Serbs, men, women and children, and all residents of the villages of Jablanica, Mačkovci, Tobut, Vukosavci and Lopar. They were arrested as Serbs, and, besides, as villagers of partisan villages.

When the night fell, and it was on the third day of the Orthodox Easter in 1944, at approx.  9:00 in the evening, a bloody slaughter of innocent people began. As all the suspects were tied up with a wire on their hands behind the back, the SS Handschar members took the Serbs one by one putting the loop around their neck and lifted them, one by one to the branch of the linden.

WWII 1941-45 NDH Orthodox worshippers,when not dispatched to concentration camps, suffered the same fate us their clergy
WWII 1941-45,  NDH –  Orthodox worshipers, when not dispatched to concentration camps, suffered the same fate as their clergy – hanging in an Orthodox church 

After hanging two victims, several of the executors trampled on the chest with iron rods and barrels. When the victim seemed to show signs of life, it was taken off, and then a member of the 13th SS Division nicknamed ”Krvavi” (‘bloody’)  from Čelić, took a knife and pierced the victim under the larynx … “.

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Due to an agreement with the Croatian government, the SS Handschar Division fought in the territory of the Independent State of Croatia and in the Eastern Front.Bosnian MUslim propaganda.jpg

The “Croatian SS Volunteer Division”, as the unit was originally named, was formed at the Vildfluken Training Center in Germany, and in early August it was sent to training in occupied France.


The Muslims in the Ustasha state were called “the flower of Croatia,” and the Nazis concluded that they found a good weapon for war against Serbs.

The Muslim leader from the 1990s and author of Muslim Mein Kampf, Islamic declaration, Alija Izetbegovic was sentenced in 1946 to three years in prison as a member of the “Young Muslims”, an organization that supported the “SS Handschar Division”.

Izetbegovic claimed that he was not a direct member of the Handžar Division, although there were evidence and allegations on his account, including some photographs published in foreign media.

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Mufti of Jerusalem Amin al-Husseini with Bosnian Muslim SS Handschar on duty


It is significant to stress that even the Partisan commander, Josip Broz Tito, stated in 1944 in the London Times that the majority of the partisan units were Serbs; there were few per cent of Croats, while Bosnian Muslims contributed with only 2.5%.

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Mufti of Jerusalem Amin al-Husseini, Bosnian Muslim SS Handschar

At the end of 1944, according to available data,   “SS Handschar”  continued of more than 19 000 Bosnian Muslim men.

WWII 1941 Croatia NDH Doboj massacre of 40 women and children
WWII 1941,  Independent State of Croatia (NDH),  Doboj, Bosnia: the massacre of 40 Serbian women and children

According to data from the archives of former SFRY, during 1941, 1942 and 1943, the Serbs represented a waste majority in Partisan units,  and it was after the fall of Fascist Italy in 1943. when combatants of other nations began to massively join the Partisans.

In 1991, their offspring did exactly the same: Serbian boy from Srebrenica massacred by Bosnian Muslim fanatics:

Serbrenic serb boz m ss cred bz muslims