Srebrenica: Manipulations With the Dead

January 17, 1996, the Manchester “Guardian” published an article concerning one group of the former Muslim prisoners of war from Srebrenica and Zepa, who, liberated from the prison camp at Sljivovica – in Serbia, were flown directly abroad to Dublin:
“Hundreds of Bosnian Muslim prisoners are still being held at 2 secret camps within neighbouring Serbia, according to a group of men evacuated by the Red Cross to a Dublin hospital from one camp – at Sljivovica. (…) A group of 24 men was flown to Ireland just before Christmas (…). But some 800 others remain incarcerated in Sljivovica and at another camp near Mitrovo Polje, just three days before the agreed date for the release of all detainees under the Dayton peace agreement on Bosnia (…).

Those who died before 1995, those who died of natural death as well as those who are still alive – they’re all ‘the Srebrenica victims’

The Red Cross in Belgrade has been negotiating for several weeks to have the men released and given sanctuary in third countries. A spokeswoman said most were bound for the United States or Australia, with others due to being sent to Italy, Belgium, Sweden, France and Ireland. (…) Since late August, the Red Cross has made fortnightly visits from its Belgrade field office. (…) Teams from the War Crimes Tribunal at The Hague have been in Dublin to question and take evidence from the men.”8)

Why would war prisoners, whose normal first wish would be to reunite with their families and restart their interrupted lives in peace, be rushed off to Dublin, with “papers to remain in Ireland”?
And this at a time where most industrialized countries are closing their borders to refugees! Were their families informed?
Could it be that they too – in a large enough group – could become living proof of the fallacy of a huge Srebrenica “massacre” before the 1996 fall elections?
The US decided to accept 214 Bosnian Muslims who, after the fall of Srebrenica and Zepa, had been detained in Serbian camps and give them refugee status.
“It is horrible that those people besides being captured during the bloodshed in Srebrenica had to spend at least another two months in Serbian detention camps under dreadful conditions”, said State Department spokesman N. Burns.
Burns emphasized that at least 800 men out of 80 000 people who have been expelled from their homes after the fall of Srebrenica and Zepa had been taken to Serbia.9)
This is how the US government justified their aid in secretly skirting the men out of the country. What is known is that neither the Red Cross (which has been visiting the prisoners since August), the Tribunal, (in its frantic search for evidence for the “genocide” in Srebrenica) nor the American government have made mention since August ’95. of these men being in custody, as war prisoners.
Are they trying to conceal evidence exonerating the Bosnian Serbian forces of the charge of “genocide” in connection with alleged mass executions?