Resurrecting the Ottoman Empire: Erdogan launders millions by building mosques in Kosovo

❝ Our minarets are our bayonets,Our domes are our helmets,
Our mosques are our barracks.
We will put a final end to ethnic segregation.
No one can ever intimidate us.
“If the skies and the ground were to open against us, If floods and volcanoes were to burst,
We will not turn from our mission.
Мy reference is Islam.❝

——– Tayyip Regep Erdogan, then Mayor of Istanbul, 1997.

Dozens of new mosques in Kosovo, as well as the rebuilt of all the mosques from the period of the Ottoman occupation, are financed through one sole donor, – Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA).
Millions of euros are flowing from Turkey to Kosovo “through illegal routes, bypassing banks,” according to the Pristina-based Albanian daily Zeri.
Moreover, this newspaper claims that Recep Erdogan’s authorities are using this religious construction and reconstruction in order to “launder money.”
The paper says that millions have been arriving in occupied ‘Kosovo i Metohija “but neither as investments nor to help the economy or fund projects, but to rebuild religious structures.”
“Most of the investments undoubtedly expose Erdogan’s major system for money laundering via Kosovo,” writes Zeri in the article published “after a two-month investigation.”
Building of dozens of new mosques in Kosovo “as well as the renovation of the ones built during the Ottoman Empire” have been sponsored through one major donor, the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), states the paper, and points out that the agency was established by the Turkish government, directly managed “by the embassy in Turkey.”
(at the same time, similar to Palmyra or Maaloula monastery in Syria, ancient Orthodox Christian relics and monasteries were simply blown and flattered; an old Christian tradition is being deleted by the aggressive Albanian and Turkish savages).

Kosovo centr1ln1 dz1mij1.jpg
The project of ‘‘Kosovo’s” central Mosque, size: 60.000 sqm

“TIKA keeps its finances secret in most cases since there is no official data about the amount of the money invested. There is a suspicion that the money was illegally physically brought and not via bank accounts,” daily’s reporters had seen at the Central Bank of Kosovo that the TIKA invested less than three million euros in Kosovo 2009 -2014. Since only for the Sinan Pasha mosque in Prizren 1.2 million euros were spent and so many new mosques erected by Turkey, it’s obvious that things are more than suspicious.
From 2011 until now TIKA and few other Turkish investors also renovated and restored about 30 mosques and religious structures “from the Ottoman period.”
The outlet adds that the TIKA has been exempt from paying taxes in Kosovo and that the company contracts workers from Turkey only.
Turkey was among the first countries to recognize Kosovo, and Erdogan has been on several occasions reported as openly “lobbying for Kosovo.”
Also, the Turkish president caused a stir two years ago in Prizren when he said that “Kosovo is Turkey.”
The then Turkish prime minister said that the cultures of Turkey and Kosovo may be different, but that their citizens belong to the same country.
This was followed by a harsh reaction from the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the public in Serbia, but Erdogan’s cabinet announced that there will be no apology and that his statement was “misinterpreted.” It was announced later that the statement was incorrectly translated and that Erdogan did not say that “Kosovo is Turkey, and Turkey is Kosovo.”
On the other hand, so-called Kosovo authorities (i.e. Albanians) is said to be ”Turning Blind Eye to Illegal Mosques” and that
(quote) :
A survey of Kosovo municipalities has revealed that more than 100 mosques have been built without planning, permissions, etc in the past ten years.
To date, action has been taken against just one illegal mosque and local authorities are hesitant about committing themselves to remove such buildings in the future.

Kosovo’s municipal authorities continue to ignore the growing number of illegally built mosques, which now total more than a hundred.
(end quote)

  • According to the Albanian invaders in 2010, even before the Turkish ‘involvement’, there were:
Mosques in Numbers: According to the BIK, Kosovo has 660 mosques.
Of these, 607 are active, 25 are being built and 28 are inactive. These figures were collected in December 2010, and a further 20 mosques have been under construction in 2011.Prizren – 77 mosques
Urosevac – 61 mosques
Pristina – 53 mosques
Gjilane – 37 mosques
Djakovica – 34 mosques
Kosovska Mitrovica – 17 mosques
Pec, the ancient seat of Serbian Orthodox Patriarchy – 26 mosques

So in 2010, there were over 600 Mosques for the population of less than two million?
Before the very eyes of the so-called democratic world, which claps ‘the development of Kosovo democracy’ majority of Christian traces were destroyed, and the Ottoman empire has been rebuilt.
Do you really think they will stop in Balkans?
Forgot the siege(s) of Vienna?