Calendar of genocide: July 24, 1941 – 24. july 2015 – 74th anniversary of the killing of Serbs from Banija, Kordun and Lika

On this day we remember several suffering of Serbs in Independent State of Croatia, 1941:

Grabovac Banski , Petrinja, 24, 25, 26 July 1941. and the Croats have massacred 1,200 Serbs. The slaughtered Serbs were buried along with dogs.

WWII – 1942. – NDH, Nazi state of Croatia, Banija –  Croats, Ustashas, taking Serbs to execution 

Dragotina , a village near Glina in July 1941, Croats slaughtered 7 Serbian women and one child and set fire to the houses of Evica Galjen and Milka Sladović. The same year, on 24 and 25 July, they captured 157 men and killed them in Jadovno death camp, on Velebit mountain.
Croats have burnt down all the houses and outbuildings.

Beaten up Serbs ready to be massacred and Croats proudly posing, Independent State of Croatia, 1942

Serbian Orthodox Church in Topusko , July 1941,  Croats have tortured and killed several men, women and children, including Milutin Kordic and his infant son.
Nikola Kordic, 78 years old was unable to walk not walk, so the Ustashe drove him by horse-drawn carriage to the church and massacred him.
Dusan Zlokas was brutally massacred. He was 14 years old. All Serbian women and even girls were raped. 

WWII – NDH, Independent State of Croatia – the exodus of Serbs; even though Croats and Muslims promised their lives would be spared, they were taken to death camps or straight to some of the numerous execution sites for Serbs, Roma/Gypsies and Jews

Konjsko Brdo , Perusic, 15 July 1941. – the Ustashe have massacred 47 Serbs.  

The mass murder of Serbs – Independent state of Croatia, Bosanski Novi, present-day border Croatia – Bosnia, the massacred Serbs left on the field, 1942;

There is a collection of testimonies of the Genocide, by survivor George Zatezalo ” I did my rustic and blacksmith’s work “- testimonies of genocide. SKPD Prosvjeta, Zagreb 2005.  It’s a horrible, hard to read testimonies about fanatic, irrational and religious hatred.


One Ustasha goes among the slaughtered and stabs the already slaughtered with his knife. He gets to me. He puts his foot on my back. Another Ustasha kicked me in the head: “Fuck their Serbian mothers. They are all slaughtered. Not one is alive.” 
Then they come closer to the hidden one.
“Ooooh, I am still alive.” 
“Get up!… How are you?”
“You see how I look.”
“Get up… You two – hold him.”
I lean my head a bit, and I see how they hold his arms. A third Ustasha holds a candle and burns the victim’s moustache and eyes. He screams in pain. What will I do? What can I do as they burn his eyes and moustache?
One Ustasha yells: “Slaughter that corpse and throw him among the slaughtered.”

Stojan Bajic, from Kordun says: “I know something about Chetniks. Will you let me go?
“Are you listed as Chetnik (Serb)?”
“Turn your neck.”
He does. They cut his throat and say: “Sing!”
How could he sing? His blood is spraying two yards away. That Ustasha then curses the victim’s Serbian mother and jumps to cut more of his neck. So it is. He is cut more. Finished.

The rest of us are watching this. But something inside of me tells me that I will stay alive.

Then, listen, when they slaughter those first two, they start slaughtering, slaughtering, slaughtering — next and next and next — and take them away. The blood is flowing through the church.  ”

end quote

WWII. – 1944. – NDH – SS Handzar division, Bosnian Muslim Nazi Ustasha 




Source: George Zatezalo ” I did my rustic and blacksmith’s work “- testimonies of genocide. SKPD Prosvjeta, Zagreb 2005.