Bernard Henri Levy – a portrait of immorality

The article below represents a compilation of my older writings and,  which appeared on There Must Be Justice blog on May 30, 2014.
After the recent floods hit Balkans, where two Serbian states (Serbia and Republic of Srpska) have, certainly, suffered the most, the muddy streams have brought a lot of various trash and profiteers of a different type. Thus, some of them (ab)used the opportunity to gain the media attention; but some others used it as a comeback to the crime scene.
I am sure that majority is familiar with the name of Bernard Henri Levy or  BHL, prominent French Jew, ‘ philosopher’ and author, who had made fame (and fortune )  in the 90- is,  when he actively participated in the project of global satanization of Serbian people in behalf of Izetbegovic Islamofascists.  This may sound incredible for a French  Jew since the Holocaust and the Middle Eastern conflict, but not for Bernard-Henry Levy.  In his latest writing (29. May 2014),  ‘Europe Must Not Let Bosnia Drown‘, BHL laments the fact that since Bosnia (always miss the whole name of the state – and Hercegovina) is still not an EU candidate, the access to the numerous EU funds are limited, as Stefan Fulle stated.  Full stop.


Bernard Henri Levy was born on 5. November 1948, to a wealthy family, had several marriages and is believed to suffer from narcism; One Arab friend of mine calls BHL  an ‘intellectual fraud’

After the pathetic lament ( ”That’s the most obscene sentence” ), an average person would have expected such a grande intellectual, superstar  with excellent contacts  among global elite,  friend of Bosnia (did you know that BHL is a Sarajevo honorary citizen? ), to organize at least charity fund, or make a generous donation to those he sympathizes with for decades, organize donor’s dinner or similar. But no. BHL know exactly what he’s doing. And here it is:

“”Everyone in Brussels knows that Bosnia’s “candidate status has not been recognized” primarily because of the existence of the Republika Srpska, the “Serb entity” created 20 years ago by the Dayton Accords, which were foisted on Bosnia by the international community and, consequently, by Europe.”  – end quote
In other terms, the world famous ‘humanist’ as media likes to title BHL,  says that the existence of Republic of Srpska is responsible for Bosnia and Hercegovina inability to move towards the Union (and their catchy funds); in other words BHL only repeats demands from last years (”economic’) protest: “Whole of Bosnia to Bosnian Muslims exclusively. Cancel the Republic of Srpska”.   Still, the global audience remains mute. Try to imagine what would happen if someone accused the existence of France or the USA or any other state in a similar way!
But that’s not the first time BHL  accuses Serbs of their bare existence.  Back in 90 -is, the philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy was the first and loudest champion of Bosnia’s Muslims and their president Alija Izetbegovic. He lobbied then-President François Mitterrand successfully on their behalf.

Lévy, after complaining that “religion has become ideology” (perhaps that makes sense in French), explained to Vanity Fair what he saw as the solution: “The only hope, he said, was in the birth of modern, secular Islam, which is what he had found and admired in Bosnia.”(7)

alija i levi
Lecturing Alija Izetbegovic – BHL on duty: ”Making up” former SS Handschar member and father of notorious Islamic declaration

Is there any such thing as “secular Islam”? Secular religion!? Of course not. That is a contradictio in adjecto since the meaning of ‘secular’ is ‘non-religious’ and Islam, of course, is a religion. But what survives the contradiction is the portrayal of Izetbegovic and his followers as Muslims who lead a secular political movement. The mind boggles at this because Mr Levy,  being a high-profile intellectual supporter of Alija Izetbegovic, must have read that man’s book. So it’s  astonishing that Levy should pretend (lied?) that Izetbegovic stood for secular politics when the latter expressed himself unequivocally on this point:


“There is no secular principle, and the State must be for Muslims the scrupulous expression of the moral and conceptual pillar of the religion.

That’s pretty clear, isn’t it?

Shame on Levy for defending this man. In doing so, he spits on the mass graves of his Jewish coethnics who were murdered in World War II. Why? Because the man Lévy defends, Alija Izetbegovic, proudly re-created in Bosnia the Nazi SS Handschar Division.

Believe it or not.

The original Handschar Division was organized by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin al Husseini.[9] Hajj Amin was an ally of Hitler’s and attained cabinet-level rank with the Nazis during WWII.[9b] He also made himself enthusiastically helpful to the Nazis by organizing the Bosnian Muslim allies of Hitler to hunt down Serbs Jews, and Roma,[9c] to be murdered in their homes or sent to the death camps of the Croatian Ustashe, where they suffered orgies of racist violence that according to some “appalled even the [German] Nazis.”[9a] As written in the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust:

“…[The Mufti Haj Amin al] Husseini made his contribution to the Axis war effort in his capacity as a Muslim, rather than as an Arab leader, by recruiting and organizing *in record time* [my emphasis], during the spring of 1943, Bosnian Muslim battalions in Croatia comprising some twenty thousand men. These Muslim volunteer units, called Hanjar (sword), were put in Waffen-SS units, fought Yugoslav partisans in Bosnia, and carried out police and security duties in Hungary. They participated in the massacre of civilians in Bosnia [Serbs, Jews, and Roma] and volunteered to join in the hunt for Jews in Croatia… [my emphasis]. The Germans made a point of publicizing the fact that Husseini had flown from Berlin to Sarajevo for the sole purpose of giving his blessing to the Muslim army and inspecting its arms and training exercises.[10]

Visit this page to see pictures of the Handzar division in its full Nazi regalia:

It was not pretty. But don’t tell that to Izetbegovic. In a 1993 article entitled “Albanians And Afghans Fight For The Heirs To Bosnia’s SS Past,” the Daily Telegraph reported on how the modern Handschar Division, lovingly resuscitated by Izetbegovic, carried itself. This article was one of a sprinkling of reports telling the truth about the Sarajevo regime that managed to make it through the censorship screen (the bracketed text below appears in the original):

[ Daily Telegraph Quote]

“Different, and alien forces are now in charge — some of the lowest in the Bosnian Muslim army.

These are the men of the Handzar division. “We do everything with the knife, and we always fight on the frontline,” a Handzar told one U.N. officer. Up to 6000 strong, the Handzar division glories in a fascist culture. They see themselves as the heirs of the SS Handzar division, formed by Bosnian Muslims in 1943 to fight for the Nazis. Their spiritual model was Mohammed Amin al-Hussein, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who sided with Hitler. According to U.N. officers, surprisingly few of those in charge of the Handzars in Fojnica seem to speak well what was known as Serbo-Croatian. ‘Many of them are Albanian, whether from Kosovo [the Serb province where Albanians are the majority] or from Albania itself.’

They are trained and led by veterans from Afghanistan and Pakistan, say U.N. sources. The strong presence of native Albanians is an ominous sign. It could mean the seeds of war are spreading south via Kosovo and into Albania, thence to the Albanians of Macedonia. Pakistani fundamentalists are known to have had a strong hand in providing arms and a small weapons industry for the Bosnian Muslims.

Hardline elements of the Bosnian army, like the Handzar, appear to have the backing of an increasingly extreme leadership in Sarajevo represented by Mr Ejup Ganic, the foreign minister, Mr Haris Silajdzic, prime minister and Mr Enver Hadjihasanovic, the new army chief.” [author’s note: Siladzic and Hadjihasanovic were Izetbegovic’s men].[11]

[End Daily Telegraph Quote]

Everybody knows that it is not good public relations to look like a Nazi. The fact that Izetbegovic and his fundamentalist followers resuscitated the Bosnian SS Handzar (or ‘Handschar’) Division suggests that they are genuinely proud of it — that is, they are unapologetic fascists who are so committed to their cause that they ignore the possible public relations costs. In fact, as the Daily Telegraph states, “Their spiritual model was Mohammed Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who sided with Hitler,” and who was a jihadist and genocidal monster.[12]

And notice that members of the Handzar division proudly explained that “We do everything with the knife…”

In a world of modern automatic weapons, what does that mean? Clearly one cannot “do everything with the knife” in modern battles. This is not the 7th century. So this must have a different, more sinister, meaning: attacks against civilians, butchery, and torture — in other words, a campaign of terror.

Actually, the proud boast by the modern Handzar members that “We do everything with the knife…” is a direct flashback. As historian Rafael Medoff explains, excited Nazi underlings hoped to titillate Adolf Hitler with the exploits of the original SS Handzar. For example, SS Brigadefuhrer Hermann Fegelein explained about the original Handzar ‘soldiers’:

“They kill [the enemy] only with their knives. There was one man who was wounded. He allowed his arm to be bandaged and then went on to finish off 17 of the enemy with his left hand. Cases also occur where they cut the heart out of their enemy.”[12a]

It is this one-on-one, contact-weapon messiness that these original fascists employed in their various forms of literal butchery, often involving torture before death, that supposedly “appalled” the German Nazis. It was not the genocide that appalled them, but the carnival disorder with which it was done; the Nazis preferred to be somewhat more businesslike in their mass killing.[13]

Photo Yann Revol
Two of a kind: Bernard Henri Levy is a close friend of another obscure French, Jihadist Jew involved in organ trafficking in Kosovo,  Bernard Kouchner

Lévy is not merely a famous philosopher — he is supposedly Jewish. But…but…Izetbegovic’s past was not a secret!  Let me make myself clear, however. Lévy didn’t just misportray Izetbegovic and Bosnian Muslim regime in a casual way – He fought to clean Izetbegovic’s image with all his energies.
What happened is that NATO supported a campaign of ethnic cleansing and genocide against innocent Bosnian Serb civilians, and then NATO blamed the victims, as if they had been the ones carrying out a genocide.

Former SS officer Izetbegovic with then US president William ‘Bill’ Clinton who aided the Islamization of Balkans

This is how Vanity Fair describes Bernard Henri-Lévy’s efforts on behalf of Alija Izetbegovic:

“Lévy fought loud and long to bring the world’s attention to Bosnia. In 1992 he was one of the first four foreigners into the besieged Sarajevo, where president Izetbegovic told him, ‘We are the Warsaw Ghetto…Tell your president,’ which he duly did. In his book ‘Le Lys et la Cendre’ (Lilies and Ashes), he describes how, in order to get the message across to a distracted Mitterrand, he had to compare Izetbegovic with Salvador Allende, the Chilean Socialist president, who is a martyr to the left. Four days later Mitterrand flew to Sarajevo.”[7]

1) Izetbegovic — a violent antisemite — compares his plight to that of the Warsaw Jews.

In 2013, BHL was celebrating fraternity of honorary Sarajevo citizen status.  The speech he gave then says:

” I feel honoured to celebrate with you, here in Sarajevo, the memory of those who fought fascism in two wars, the war of the 1940s and that of the 1990s, and happy to stand beside you to reaffirm that there are not two nations of Bosnia-Herzegovina, let alone three, but only one—of which Sarajevo is the capital and the symbol.  

Ladies and gentlemen, I usually am not fond of honorifics. In my own country, France, I have, over the years and now over the decades, even refused a few. 

But there is one honour that I carry with special pride, and that is the Bosnian lily awarded to me in wartime by your president, Alija Izetbegovic, and there is another that I receive today with emotion, gratitude, and renewed pride. That other is the honorary citizenship conferred on me by the city of Sarajevo. ”  –  end quote.   

!!!! Pray for truth, honesty and common sense!   And pray hard…

Bernard Henri Levy has been involved in sparkling the Libyan tragedy and murder of Gaddafi. In the New York Magazine from Dec 26, 2011, Benjamin Wallace-Wells spoke of the French ‘philosopher’ as if he were referencing a messiah that was not afraid to promote violence ”for the greater good of mankind”.

In “European Superhero Quashes Libyan Dictator,” Wallace-Wells  describes  Levy as “a veteran of mass killing; he had seen it in a half-dozen conflicts, maybe, and driving through the desert towns east of Benghazi, he detected its early signs: blood-smeared walls, passersby wrapping themselves in hoods to keep their lungs free of contaminants. He foresaw a “crawling tragedy. Thirty, 40 dead a day. Maybe worse.”  According to Wells, Levy is a philosopher  (who) managed to goad the world into vanquishing an evil villain.”

Lybia: Bernard Henry Levy with a gang of Islamist mercenaries 

The ‘evil villain’ in question is, of course, Muammar al Gaddafi, the Libyan leader who was ousted and brutally murdered after reportedly being sodomized by rebels following his capture in October 2011. The detailed analysis by Global Post of the sexual assault of the leader of one of Africa’s most prominent countries was published in CBS news and other media. Cases of rape have sharply increased in Libya as 1,700 militia (per BBC estimation) groups now operate in that shattered Arab country.

And again, with the same kind of head choppers in Syria

Levy, who at times appeared to be the West’s most visible war-on-Libya advocate, has largely disappeared from view within the Libyan context. He is perhaps off stirring trouble in some other place in the name of his dubious philosophy. His mission in Libya, which is now in a much worse state than it has ever reached during the reign of Gaddafi, has been accomplished. ‘The evil dictator’ has been defeated, and that’s that. Never mind that the country is now divided between tribes and militias and that the ‘post-democracy’ Prime Minister Ali Zeidan was recently kidnapped by one unruly militia to be freed by another.

In March 2011, Levy took it upon himself to fly to Benghazi to ‘engage’ Libya’s insurgents. It was a defining moment, for it was that type of mediation that empowered armed groups to transform a regional uprising into an all-out war involving NATO. Armed with what was a willful misinterpretation of UN resolution 1973, of March 17, 2011, NATO-led a major military offensive on a country armed with primitive air-defensives and a poorly equipped army. Western countries channelled massive shipments of weapons to Libyan groups in the name of preventing massacres allegedly about to be carried out by Gaddafi’s loyalists. Massacres were indeed carried out but not in the way western ‘humanitarian interventionists’ suggested. The last of which was merely days ago (Nov 15) when 31 people were reportedly killed and 235 were wounded as trigger-happy militiamen opened fire on peaceful protesters in Tripoli that were simply demanding Misrata militants leave their city.

These are the very people that Levy and his ilk spent numerous hours lobbying in support of. One of Levy’s greatest achievements in Libya was to muster international recognition of the National Transitional Council (NTC). France and other countries lead a campaign to promote the NTC as an alternative to Gaddafi’s state institution, which NATO had systematically destroyed.

After the fall of Libya, the philosopher, ‘the veteran of mass killing’,  involves in Syrian tragedy.  Of course, on behalf of NATO; and of course, Al Qaeda and – surprise – Islamofascists. That Islamofascists line could be followed from Bosnia; follow it, and you’ll find BHL participating.

As for Syria, speaking at the 2012 Foreign Policy Initiative forum, the super vibrant and human philosopher demanded that the Russian veto of the Western draft resolution on Syria submitted to the United Nations Security Council have to be ignored. While telling Americans about their moral obligation to occupy Syria, Levy told them the world is large enough without the United Nations and that ‘there are other forces able to lead Syria to democracy’,  like NATO, for instance.  The arguments about moral obligation exhausted, he tried to put his best foot forward demonstrating his sciolism. “Levy started to speak in broken English about Sophocles and Antigone – the struggle between God’s laws vs. man’s law. It looked more like kitsch, but Americans became silent carefully listening to incomprehensible words while the prophet got carried away and continued to pontificate.”   – — quoted from

But soon he published an article for the Newsweek with the dramatic title: Stop Assad’s Slaughter in Syria! 8/20/12, where he speaks about civilian sufferings, Assad’s inhumanity, brutality and mass murder! At the moment when even the children know about numerous foreign terrorists and jihadists who created a hell of the state! BHL, immoral as always!  (the article can be seen here
Remember, he called the same way to stop Serbs in Bosnia while they fought to preserve Yugoslavia and defend it from both Islamofascists and Western, NWO fascists.

Since he ‘sells» international political adventures of the global elite to the US and European public, no surprise that we soon met him in Kiev, supporting the fascist junta.

On  February 9, BHL had delivered a speech in the Independence  square (‘Maidan’)  and it goes like this (quote):

People of Maidan! Here in this square, the people of Ukraine have come together. Those from the west of the country and those from the east. Ukrainians from the city and those from the countryside. Tatars and Poles. Cossacks and Jews. There are the grandchildren of the survivors of Holodomor, the massacre by starvation orchestrated by Stalin, and those of Babi Yar, that terrifying symbol of Holocaust by a bullet. In Paris, we have the Place de la Bastille where the French people coalesced. You have Maidan, where the Ukrainian people are establishing themselves. It is very moving, for a citizen of the country of the original declaration of human rights, to be present, in this square, at an exceptional moment in history such as only great peoples can produce. Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the leader of the party of Kiev’s imprisoned Iron Lady, Yulia Tymoshenko, just announced, in this forum, the creation of a “parallel government,” a government that emerged from Maidan, one that already enjoys greater legitimacy than that of the puppets of the Kremlin. I salute that new government.

People of Maidan, you have a dream that unites you. Your dream is Europe. Not the Europe of accountants, but the Europe of values. Not the Europe of bureaucrats, but that of the spirit. Not the Europe that is tired of itself, that doubts its mission and its meaning, but an ardent, fervent, heroic Europe. And it is equally moving for a European coming from a Europe beset by doubt, one that no longer knows what it is or where it is going, to rediscover that flame here. You are giving us a lesson about Europe. You remind us what a wonder Europe can be if we can pull it from what the anti-Nazi German philosopher Edmund Husserl called the “ashes of great lassitude.” I am a French citizen. I am a European federalist. But today, here in Maidan where Europe is being summoned to return to its first calling and to its special genius, I am also a Ukrainian.

I am wrong, by the way, to refer to a European dream. For nothing is more concrete than Europe painted for me by each of the women and men that you have asked to lead your movement: a Europe that signifies–for all–freedom, civic values, good government, and the struggle against the gangster state of the oligarchs. You embody the European project. You restore to it its content and program. You give to the word and to the idea of Europe a meaning that is not “purer,” as a French poet said, but more precise and richer. And that is why I believe that the real Europe is here. That is why the real Europeans are those who have come together here in Maidan. That is why Ukraine is not a vassal of the Russian empire begging to be joined to Europe. It is, at least for the moment, the beating heart of the continent, and Kiev is that continent’s capital.

People of Maidan, brothers and sisters in Europe! I also want to tell you how many of us, from Paris to Berlin and elsewhere in Europe, have heard your message. I know that you feel alone. I know that you have the feeling of being abandoned by a Europe that, in turning its back on you, is turning its back on its very substance. That is true. But it is also true that you have friends in the societies of Europe. And even here in Kiev, in European diplomatic posts, you have discreet allies who share your spirit and are working in your favour. They are your hope, but you are theirs. If they give up on you, you lose; but if you lose, they lose as well. They know that. We all know about it. Millions of us have understood that our own fate is being played out here, in Independence Square, which you have renamed Europe Square.

It is my firm intention, upon my return to France, to proclaim it loud and clear: no visas for the goons who, like Louis XIV when he had “Ultima Ratio Regis” engraved on his cannons, are threatening to storm Maidan; a freezing of their assets in every bank in the European Union as well as in the tax havens whose doors we now know how to break down. There is a whole range of sanctions that the democracies can apply, and we must not let anyone forget it. The president of my country will soon meet with the president of the United States. Who knows? Perhaps Mr Hollande will be able to convince Mr Obama to join once more in an initiative to save this kidnapped piece of Europe.

People of Maidan–one last word. I leave you with a heavy heart because I know that in the coming days anything can happen, even, alas, the worst. In the long history of people affirming their sovereign rights by occupying the squares and places of their cities, we remember the Place de la Bastille in Paris or Wenceslas Square in Prague and even the Agora in Athens. At the same time, we cannot help but remember that other model, the anti-model: Tiananmen Square and the rebellion that was drowned in blood! But know, too, that as I leave you I am filled with immense admiration for the courage, the self-control, the wisdom, and the restraint that you have exemplified for the world. Your weapon is your self-control. Your strength is the calm determination, unmarred by pathos, shown by everyone from Lisa, who runs the canteen that feeds Maidan, Vitali Klitschko, the former boxer who one day may be the president of the new Ukraine–all of whom have told me that nothing will stop the ethos of Maidan.

Your strength also lies in the spirit of responsibility–I was going to say, of discipline–with which you maintain your barricades and, behind those barricades, take care of the part of the city that you have liberated. For a single word covers both the tending of cities and the quality of civilizations. Civilized–in my language as in that of the fresco artists who, in the tenth century, painted the praying Virgin, hands raised in a sign of peace, in your Saint Sophia cathedral–describes both the lover of civitas and the carrier of civilization. And, yes, your strength is that great civilization of which you are a part, despite that piece of Europe’s tragic and criminal history that haunts you, just as it does all the peoples of the continent. Before Russia existed, Ukraine and Kiev flowered. There is in every citizen of Maidan more history and culture than in the braggart of Sochi, the would-be Tarzan who is more like a Popeye, a paper tiger and a real enemy of Saint Sophia and her wisdom. It is for that reason that you will win. It is for that reason that, sooner or later, you will overcome master Putin and his valet, Yanukovych.

I welcome you to Europe. – end quote

(Excerpts of this speech appeared in the Wall Street Journal on February 13. The speech was translated by Steven B. Kennedy.)


After Bosnia, Serbia and Libya, the Serb hater, Bernard-Henri Levy and Ukraine ‘s Poroshenko together in a business jet. Surprised?

One friend of mine has noticed: “One could perhaps understand Levy’s hate for dictators and war criminals; after all, there are few human rights champion. But Levy is no philosopher. A fundamental element of any genuine philosophy is moral consistency. Levy has none.”

As a bloodthirsty and immoral person,  BHL now openly attacks the Republic of Srpska.  As free and human people, as freedom lovers, it is our duty to protect Srpska from the criminal Bernard-Henri Levy and  NWO whose interests he passionately serves from Bosnia, Kosovo, Libya, Syria to Ukraine.

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