The New Zealand Massacre as a Weapon Against Serbs

How the globalist media and their local outlets use the New Zealandian tragedy to continue a decades-long war against Serbs –   Neither the massacre occurred in Serbia, nor the perpetrator was Serb or of Serbian descent but the Serbs are responsible.
This burlesque reminds on Cato the Elder (234–149 BC), who used to finish every speech in every occasion with “Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam” which means: ”Furthermore, I consider that Carthage must be destroyed.”
In our epoch, it’s not the Carthage, but the Serbs. Whatever happens on the globe, the Serbs must be responsible, if not directly then some other way. But the Serbs are villains.
After the tragedy that occurred in New Zealand, some media (mostly in Balkans states, but even some global couldn’t resist from serving their interests), abundant disinformation and malicious misinterpretation of both New Zealand tragedy and Serbian bare existence, past, history and mentality,  it’s necessary to analyse and take a  look at what the media in neighbouring states are doing: According to them, Serbian culture and historical figures and giants are the bearers and inspirers of evil; they are the idols of killers, therefore if they were wiped out and destroyed, this wouldn’t be a big deal, on the contrary;  There won’t be anymore anyone to inspire criminals and fanatics.
Perhaps this is precisely the reason why mostly Bosnian Muslims and Albanians have been leading with connecting an Anglo Saxon, New Zealandian fanatic with the Serbs. According to what they want you to believe, Lazar Hrebeljanovic, the Serbian prince who defended his homeland from the invading Islam and who lost his life in the battle together with the crème of Serbian nobleman should be revised someone Serbs consider sacred (and until the invention of PR history a great part of the World glorified his martyrdom) be perceived as a bloodthirsty murderer, something like Charles Mason, something that the Serbs would be ashamed of and thus what they should and would and must give up.
Here we are – to give up their past, sanctuaries, believes. Resign yourself to Lazarus, you renounced yourself from your roots, identity … and Kosovo. 
That’s the most often repeated demand and blackmail for Serbia, served by the West. 
That is why the media in Serbia are doing what they do with the crime that took place in New Zealand, where the killer is a New Zelandian, an Anglo-Saxon, and promotes him as some kind of posthumous bloody fetus of old Serbian heroes, bearing pillars of Serbian identity. That’s perverse and disgusting. And false. 
The book below was published in London 1916, with title Kosovo Day (1389-1916) and  I  found it in the Library of University of California, L.A:
It tells the story of Kosovo before the bribed politicians and dishonest geopolitical trade  ”adjusted” the history according to their present-day interests.
Here are several smaller paragraphs;  but they speak a lot. Their strength is not in the number lines, but it the sparkling truth within:
… The Serbian battle against the invading Islam neither began nor finished with the battle of Kosovo. It began under Tsar Dushan (in the time of the Black Prince in England), whose ally was John Kantakusen, and it has continued since with fluctuating results.

In 1371. the Serbian king, Vukashin of Macedonia, lost his life with 60,000 fighters on Maricza river (near Adrianople) resisting Murad’s invasion.

In 1387. Lazar’s army, under the Voivode Milosh Obilich, at Plocnik, near Nish, crushed another Murad’s army in such a measure that scarcely a fifth of it escaped.


”Soon afterwards the Turks suffered a complete deroute on the frontier of Montenegro. Then, in 1389, supreme efforts were made on both sides to settle the conflict definitely. The battle of Kosovo was fatal for the Serbs, but still, the victors were themselves so exhausted that they only succeeded wholly in conquering Serbia seventy years later (1459). The Serbian resistance practically never ceased, even during slavery under the Turkish yoke. It glowed, like a fire under the ashes, during centuries in the form of local rebellions, which were cruelly suffocated in blood, till 1804, when it, under Karageorge, grew into a liberating Revolution, which was a success.”

Shortly after the murderer mown the people at prayer, when many details were still unknown, the daily Politika ( German-owned daily in Serbian language) stated that the killer from the mosque in New Zealand had a Cyrillic written names of Serbian heroes from the time of the fight against the Ottomans, Miloš Obilić, Baja Pivljanin , Lazar Hrebeljanović, and shows where the inscriptions are seen, suggesting that there is some kind of (still unspecified) connection between the killer and the Serbs. Soon the cards fell on the table, when the media outlets in Serbia announced that the criminal was motivated by the Serbs, reminding and repeating all the malicious lies the Western media attributed to Serbs for decades, and which consists mainly of the exploited ruderfine (Ruder Finn) PR stories and other amanpourist  fabrications (Christiane Amanpour, CNN) propaganda.
Politika (later I saw that the same thing was done by Kurir, Blic and many foreign media) initially ignored the inscriptions in Armenian, Russian, also Latin characters, the names of individuals who fought in the various epochs against the invasion of the Ottomans.  Global media also ignored the written name of the Accra (Third Crusade, 1189), as well as the eleven-year-old girl Eba Akrelun, who was beaten by the Islamic theorist in the attack in Stockholm, 2017.
250px-7th_SS_Division_Logo.svgThe Nazi SS SS Prince Eugen is after the word “Anton Lund and Pettersson” before the grip. This was the mark of the unit that eradicated, killed Serbs and threw them into frozen river tombs. Members of the infamous Prince Eugene were the wolksdeutchers, i.e. domestic, Yugoslav Germans who were extremely eager in Serving Reich and Fuehrer (just like Bosnian Muslims in SS Handcshar). So it is not that the killer from the mosque was inspired by the Serbian heroes, culture and history, but quite opposite: he found the specimens on the opposite side, in those who committed genocide against Serbs.

 In the beginning, it wasn’t very clear why Politika (in Serbia) and Bosnian Muslims as well as global media under their influence, insist on some sort of Serbian responsibility, not factual, but rather moral. It is clear that Politika (and Kurir as well as other media that participated in this defamation) are trying to foment the hatred of Serbs. However, they make something more dangerous – they strike the foundations of national identity. 
Also, all this happens in the eve of the Hague trial vs. Radovan Karadzic, a political leader of Serbs in Bosnia in times when Islamist fanatics from all over the globe flooded the Yugoslav republic in order to support fanatic Izetbegovic and his jihad.  
By chance?   
Radovan Karadžić
Looks like the propaganda war on Serbs was successful and media committed another crime:  we could already hear the comments that some genuine measures should be adopted against the nations which national heroes and idols are killers and bloodthirsty monsters who lead people to crimes, and (of course)- Srebrenica. Chronic and general word. Srebrenica as “the bloody fruit of generations raised, as persuaded by us, by the wrong patterns (Njegoš, Bajo Pivljanin, Obilić, Lazar … Kosovo).  Srebrenica where Bosnian Muslims who live abroad come once a year to visit their graves.
Srebrenica, the story which made a gang of Muslim families in the ”Srebrenica mothers” society –  millionaires. 
In such atmosphere, how could anyone have any hope that already proven anti-Serb judges in the Hague tribunal wouldn’t feel the pressure when, on Wednesday, bring the final decision? 
The Bosnian Muslims, as always in their past here serve as a link, as an adhesive tissue that should point out that there is a connection between what bothers them (and that’s the  Serbs) and the New Zealand fanatic.
They are eager and furious in promoting the idea, that the massacre in New Zealand is just another consequence, a bloody harvest inspired by the Serbs. (The Serbs are guilty of their very existence, as long as they’re Serbs, until they don’t give up their mentality, confession, identity, until they convert, like Croats, Bosnian Muslims, just like many of the ambassadors in Serbia have been demanding without any tact and in a rude and primitive way for years).

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