CROATIA: Two Attacks on Serbs in Croatia for watching Red Star Serbian team playing

New Attacks on remaining Serbs in Croatia: КNIN – A group of masked attackers broke into a cafe near Knin and physically attacked locals who were watching a Red Star (Serbian football team) Young Boys (Switzerland) match.  
The second incident took place in Djevrske near Kistanje, that was also an old Serbian area.
Image result for napad na srbe knin15 maskiranih napadaca- kafic
photo: Serbian cafe bar where the attack occurred: 

However, these attacks cannot be qualified as ordinary Croatian hooliganism since the match was played between Serbian Red Star and Swiss Young Boys teams.
Five Serbs were injured in the attack, as well as one child. 
Local portals, Feral News and Dalmatia Today reported that five people were hospitalized, including the owner of a coffee shop.
Nazism, racism, religious intolerance and Serb hatred were carefully bred among the Croatian youth

The crime occurred in the Biskupija municipality of Knin, for centuries an area with the majority of the Serbian population and where genocide took place twice in the last century, every time Croatia was independent.
During WW II Independent State of Croatia when Croats were allied to Hitler and where Holocaust and Serbocide took place and 1991 – 1995 when there were silent liquidations of Serbs (Christalnicht in Zadar, when homes, shops, vehicles, real estate and Serbian property, in general, was destroyed, burned, robbed and in other cities as well; Zec family in Zagreb, murder of Serbs from Gospic, Vukovar etc).

No photo description available.
Zadar, May 2 1991: Christalnicht of Zadar- that was a self-organized ”groups of citizens”, in a devastating march, unmistakably demolished and looted business premises owned by Serbs (54) or Serbian companies (19). On the same day, private houses (32), also owned by Serbs, were looted and subsequently set on fire in the suburban settlement of Bibinje. 

The victims were survivors of the latest genocide and ethnic cleansing that took place on August 4, 1995. (so-called operation Storm, when hundreds of thousands of Serbs were forced to flee their homeland they have been defending from Ottomans, Latins, Nazism, Fascism for centuries).  The genocidal operation ”Storm” began on 4 August and at more than 1,800 Serbs were killed and 250,000 forced by Croatian military forces to leave all their property and flee.


Image result for Hrvatsko vojnik vuče srpsku baku za nos
August 1995, so-called ”Operation Storm”: The Croatian Soldier sadistically laughs as he humiliates an elderly Serbian woman

Meanwhile, Croatian Police is (as always), ‘in search for the attackers’.

Another incident happened in Djevrske near Kistanje (also traditional Serbian area)  when several Croats entered a local cafe and provoked guests watching the match.

”All this happens because of national hatred”  believes the coffee shop owner.



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  1. Great to see you Grey Carter! I missed your articles, but I can see not much has changed in the Balkans. We here in the US are going to end up the same way if people like ANTIFA are going to be free to lynch anyone that disagrees with them along with wimpy slimey politicians that capitulate or do nothing. After Trump leaves office I don’t have much hope of anyone jumping in to fill his shoes.

    • Thanks 🙂 Well, that doesn’t make me happy to hear. ANTIFA around here has been established by the USA. ANd yes, they destroy every society, tradition, authentic culture. Let’s see what tomorrow might bring.

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