26. March 1992, Sijekovac – the very first war crime in Bosnia was committed in Sijekovac

On 26. March 1992, the massacre of the Serbian civilians was committed by the Croatian armed forces and joint Bosnian Muslim, Croatian paramilitary units from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
At the same time that was the very first war crime committed in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The first war crime on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina took place in Sijekovac , when on 26 March in 1992,   9 (nine)  Serbs were killed; the youngest victim was seventeen years old Dragan Milosevic and the oldest one  72 years old  Jovo Zecevic.

Sijekovac, Bosnia and Hercegovina: 46 Serbian civilians were massacred –  exhumation of the victims 

Joint Croatian and Muslim forces killed  37  more Serbs during the next few days in  Sijekovac.

For the crimes committed against Serbs in Sijekovac no criminal charges have been filed, and no one is held responsible so far.