Bloody hands of the Dutch princes Mabel of Oranje-Nassau (II)

The following article represents  the last part of  materials related to obscure role the Dutch Princess Mabel of Oranje – Nassau played in Balkan tragedy. However, since I don’t speak Dutch, I used Google auto translations and also one good hearted native Dutch (thanks, R, kisses) .

My advantage is that I worked on this case during my career in a Serbian Weekly ten years ago, so I am familiar with the issue.

So this is the second part, edited and more or less successfully translated in English:

The Soros Foundation and the Open Society Institute in the Netherlands are not active. They have played a role in the support campaign for Soros’ B92 Channel,   radio station in Serbia. This was, in the two years before the Kosovo war, the main symbol of the pro NATO  opposition in Serbia.

It was mainly Dutch activists from the world of so called free media and internet, who stood up for B92 – as so-called “independent media” in Serbia.  It was the George Soros eho financed the transmitters.  It was also  time of the great Internet hype and in 1900-es capitalism seemed omnipotent, the global  economy grown into the infinite, and ‘all the good things came from the U.S.’ propaganda.


Therefore Yugoslavia (Serbia, Montenegro and Serbs in Krajina and Bosnia)  was a stupid relic that had to be cleared by progressive forces – such as the NATO.   Internet service provider – the very first in the Netherlands – regulated the presence of pro NATO B92  Channel  on the Internet, so it could avoid the ‘censorship’ of Serbian authorities.

The website of the ‘free radio from Belgrade was transmitted via server located in  Amsterdam, and the service was paid from New York.  During the time being there was even a public invitation for B’92 Radio support  by depositing money into an account in New York – This was requested by George Soros .

Later, during the Kosovo war, the “independent” station broadcast from NATO aircraft and a BBC satellite channel. The motives for the Dutch backup are clear from the following piece of Karin Spaink, who was an adviser to the OSCE (OSCE), which was part of the administration of occupied Kosovo:

images (4)

It is almost certain that Mabel  Wisse Smit during the mid 90s maintained contacts with the Intelligence, possibly of several countries.   There was a war going on in Europe, it was far the most important in the EU agenda, the possibility of Western intervention was present from 1991, the Netherlands had troops in Bosnia from 1994.   And Mabel was the girlfriend of  Bosnian Sacirbey – that improves the Bosnian image in the West.  But  Sacirbey was also an American citizen – he grew up in the U.S. – and U.S. intelligence certainly  got a ‘file-Mabel’ .


Capture: Muhamed Sacirbey, former Bosnian UN ambassador. Also former Dutch princess’ Mabel lover

Mabel worked with Italian politician Emma Bonino as well: She was a long time EU Commissioner, and she was in charge of humanitarian aid.   Bonino signed on 8 October 2003 a Statement of support for Mabel’s  organization.  Bonino  also stated that one ‘influential Dutch’ had requested so.  Through her work Mabel cooperated  in any case with Ruud Lubbers and Frits Bolkestein, and probably  Ed Thijn (former head of delegation of the OSCE observers in Bosnia).

The Times printed the Bonino’s  letter  on 9 October, and reported about it on the front page, presumably at the insistence of editor Peter Brothers (PvdA).  This is important simply because the list of signatories gives a picture of the world of Mabel Wisse Smit and the people who supported her criminal mission. It was clear that charity has nothing to do with it:

Morton Abramowitz: former U.S. ambassador to Turkey. He was also a Minister of Foreign Affairs with responsibility for intelligence. He was a board member of Human Rights Watch – an NGO largely paid by George Soros.  HRW was the main pro-intervention lobby under Clinton, and had close ties to the government and the US intelligence services.

Aryeh Neier: former director of Human Rights Watch, and long term president of the Open Society Institute of George Soros.

Emma Bonino: Italian ex-member of parliament, Radical Party, former European Commissioner, Member of the European Parliament as well.  In recent years, mainly known for a lobbying for Israel to be admitted to the EU, see:

With Marco Panella  she’s a head of the ‘Transnational Radical Party’.  – The TRP  it allows no candidates for national elections, therefore it has the status of “non-governmental organization”.

 At the UN it’s  lobbying organization ( together with Human Rights Watch, the OSI, and Freedom House)  for  “creation of a group of democratic states. “(This group has to be led by the U.S.  and their goal is to takeover the  UN ).

Gian-Franco dell’Alba: board member of the Transnational Radical Party, Member of the European Parliament, and the secretary of No Peace Without Justice organization. This organization is campaigning for the trial of war criminals, and surprisingly the organization finds that all opponents of the U.S. committed the most horrible War crimes.   This so-called “independent” organization is paid by the EU – more than a million  per annum , thanks to EU Commissioner Chris Patten, fromthe British Conservative Party.

Gareth Evans: former Foreign Minister of Australia, and board member of the International Crisis Group (together with Emma Bonino).  The ICG is a powerful lobby for Western intervention.  Ed van Thijn and  Wim Kok  are the  board members, alongside other important persons  such as former NATO chief Wesley Clark.  ICG is paid by the United States (USIP, grants on behalf of the U.S. Congress to grant foreign political organizations).  Other Western countries (including the Netherlands)also pay, and  Bill Gates as an individual supporter.

During the 1997. the Dutch princess Mabel Wisse Smit was a member of  ICG:

ICG would like to thank the following individuals for their contribution to the organisation’s work during 1997: Laura Bernard, Sue Blackmore, Lee Bryant, Carole Corcoran, Lynne Davidson, Leo Dobbs, Eran Fraenkel,Martin Gairdner, Betsy Hamilton, Deborah Hinton, Alice Jay, Bernard Leloup, Peter Luff, Ivan Lupis, Paul Manning, Moritz Mieier-Ewart, Natasha Nadazin, Raymond Ryan, David Shearer, Simon Sheehan, Victor Tanner, Christiaan Winkel and Mabel Wisse-Smit.”

William Shawcross: also the board member of the International Crisis Group. Shawcross is a former opponent of the Vietnam War, who later became advocate of Western intervention, including in Chechnya, Iraq, Sierra Leone, Timor and Afghanistan. He supported and defended the policy of Bush and Blair in Iraq. He writes a book – besides his biography of the Queen Mother, see, 2763,997231,00. html

Bernard Kouchner: long time lobbyist for Western intervention. Founder of theDoctors Without Borders, who played an important role in popularizing the “humanitarian” military intervention and who were supposedly involved in international human organ trade.    After the war against Serbia, Kouchner was the UN and NATO appointed governor of occupied Kosovo – a suitable position for his neocolonial ideas. He is also mentioned as a possible governor of Iraq.


Mark Malloch Brown: neoliberal, former media chief of the World Bank, and a head of UNDP – part of the UN  directly sponsored by corporate business, see 7Eceo/observer3/general.html # UNDP

Albert Rohan: former head of the Eastern European sector of the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and then Secretary-General, during the Balkan wars. Advocated Albanian and Muslim Bosnian interests,  military intervention against Serbs and the independence of Kosovo, see      and this speech:

“In dealing with ruthless authoritarian regimes, diplomacy alone is not enough. It has to be backed up by a credible threat of armed interventionism and – if Necessary – by military action. Looking at the Developments in the Balkans or the last 10 years it becomes evident That Everything that has leg Achieved in terms of conflict resolution leg has done so by military force. ”

Laura Silber:  wrote a book (along with a campaign on BBC series)  in order to influence the  public opinion of England  in favor of military intervention against Serbia.  See the review here:


Later she worked at the Open Society Institute as a policy adviser.

George Soros: really the spider in the web. Soros is not justone of the richest men in the world, he also has a great influence on the foreign policy of Western countries, as well as on the political development in Eastern European countries. He is the incarnate crusader of so called ‘Western values’. There is much on the internet about Soros: This is the New Statesman, June 2003, by Neil Clark …


“Soros likes to portray himself as an outsider, an independent-minded Hungarian emigre and philosopher-pundit who stands detached from the U.S. military-industrial complex. But take a look at the board members of the NGO he organises and finances. At Human Rights Watch, for example, there is Morton Abramowitz, U.S. assistant secretary of state for intelligence and research from 1985 to 1989, and now a fellow at the interventionist Council on Foreign Relations, former Ambassador Warren Zimmerman (Whose spell in Yugoslavia coincided with the break up or That country), and Paul Goble, director of communications at the CIA-created Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty (which Soros Also funds). Soros’s International Crisis Group boasts such “independent” luminaries as the former national security advisers Zbigniew Brzezinski and Richard Allen, as well as General Wesley Clark, once Nato supreme allied commander for Europe. The group’s vice-chairman is the former congressman Stephen Solarz, once described as “the Israel lobby’s chief législative tactician on Capitol Hill” and a signatory, along with the likes of Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz, to a notorious letter to President Clinton in 1998 calling for a “comprehensive political and military strategy for bringing down Saddam and his regime.”

Take a look at Also Soros’s business partners. At the Carlyle Group, where he has invested more than $ 100m, they include the former Secretary of State James Baker and the Erstwhile defense secretary Frank Carlucci, George Bush Sr. and, until recently, the Estranged relatives of Osama bin Laden.Carlyle, one of the world’s largest private equity funds, makes most of its money from its work as a defense contractor.

Soros may not, as some have suggested, be a fully paid-up CIA agent. But that his companies and NGOs are Closely wrapped up in U.S. expansionism can not seriously be doubted. “

It is interesting to compare Soros with his friend Tom Lantos, a Congressman with a similar background. Both come from a well-off Jewish environment in prewar Budapest, both survived the fascist regime, but chose to flee to the West rather than to remain in a communist Hungary – they have a deep hatred for Communism. The difference is that the U.S. Lantos glorified as a savior, both of the Jews, as in Hungary, as in Europe. Soros does not, at least not in public. Given its policy, it seems likely that he also has a similar historical role to the U.S..

In November 2003, Soros decided to campaign against president Bush. His criticism of Bush  in some media was seen as  criticism of  the U.S. military interventions.  But that’s not correct, because Soros supported it when Bill Clinton was president – and he would undoubtedly do the same of the elected president was Kerry.

In 1999, Soros spoke at the John Hopkins University, and his (rare) speech describes his ideal –  global military intervention by an alliance of democratic countries, under the auspices of the UN in order to finally reorder the world through violence.

“We need an authority That Transcend the sovereignty of states. We have Such an authority in the form of the United Nations, but the UN is not guided by the principles of open society. It is an association of states, some are democratic, others aren’t, and each of them is guided by its national interests. We have an association of democratic states,  NATO,   which intervenes in defense of democratic values, but it is a military alliance incapable of preventive actions.   By the time it intervenes it is too late and we have seen that its intervention can be counterproductive. It needs to be complemented by a political alliance dedicated to the promotion of open society and capable of acting both Within the UN and outside it. ” Commencement Speech delivered by George Soros. Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University, May 27, 1999.

The next day, Serbia and Kosovo were  bombed day and night, with a total of 792 assaults.

Wisse Smit have founded the EACPB  in 1994, in order to lobby for Bosnian Muslims.  Simultaneously Mabel Wisse Smit had a relationship with Mohammed Sacirbey, then UN Ambassador of Bosnia.  In 1995, the  War Child Netherlands was founded.  In 1995 Sacirbey,  Minister of Foreign Affairs in Bosnia, was the principal of Phon van den Biesen.  The  War Child Netherlands through two of the directors had  ties with the Muslim Bosnian government.  The organization certainly had, together with its English branch, many pro-intervention and anti Serb propaganda practiced (and still does).

But that was not all. Mabel Wisse Smit through both the EACPB and War Child, has done some very obscure work in favor of Bosnia. If one is “peace activist” or “friend of children’  he can easily travel and makes contacts, but the situation is different when it comes to lobbyist .

War Child was (ab)used as a cover, as it came out. The donors have been cheated.  Not only Mabel Wisse Smit, but also Phon van den Biesen, knew what Mohammed Sacirbey did, and what helping the Bosnian ‘thing’  meant.  Sacirbey and princess Mabel arranged Iranian arms supplies, for example – and those were the things they openly arranged … Says Islamic army chiefs to meet on Bosnia

NICOSIA, July 24 1995 (Reuters) – Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Velayati was quoted on Monday  saying  that defense ministers and military chiefs from eight Moslem states will meet soon to discuss ways of helping Bosnia’s Muslims. Veleyati, quoted by IRNA in an interview with the daily Tehran Iran, said the military chiefs would ‘discuss practical ways to help Bosnian Muslims.”  Bosnian Foreign Minister Mohammed Sacirbey, who attended the Geneva meeting, said that  OIC military chiefs  stressed  to the newspaper that ‘According to the article 51 of the United Nations Charter, the Bosnian government  despite the IC Embargo on Weapon,  ” … has the right to conclude bilateral defensive contracts with other countries. ”

After acknowledging activities of  Sacirbey and Mabel, can you at least conclude that they have been, both,  hypocritical and unconscionable. She was the director of War Child funds , in charge to collect money for young victims of the war in Bosnia.

To help to all the children with injuries, for example, caused by weapons. Weapons of the Bosnian army, for example. And where did these weapons come from? They were discretely  imported (famous Split airport in Croatia)  by the Western powers,  and partly from Muslim countries.  In both cases because the Bosnian government and its representative Mohammed Sacirbey, have lobbied for this.

In Western capitals, especially in the Hague,  Sacirbey was helped by his Dutch girlfriend. The later Sacirbey’s assertion  that Mabel knew nothing of arms transactions, is simply a lie. As the Reuters report indicates they have both been directly involved.

Racism has also played a role in the ease with which the elites in Europe decided how Southeast Europe should look.

Even when War Child and similar organizations are doing what they claim to do – namely assistance – the paternalistic racism shines out of it.

In 2002, War Child Netherlands had projects in Bosnia, Kosovo, Eritrea, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Georgia, Chechnya and Pakistan. But as usual with Western aid organizations, there was not a single local  from these countries on the management board. The organization is 100% native Dutch (although, the cleaning staff was not mentioned in the annual report).  The organization is based on a contempt for the people who helped.

The heads of War Child sees the people in the “target countries” not morally equivalent, especially with regard to the social and constitutional order in their own area. Not coincidentally, all the countries on the list of War Child are also named as targets of Western intervention, or have already been.

A combination of arrogance, loftiness, snobbery, racism, and a lesser appreciation of non-Western life,  is certainly how Mabel Wisse Smit, Phon van den Biesen, and Willemijn Gradient treated  the Balkans.

Nevertheless they are not alone: ​​an infamous quote by Madeleine Albright, UN Ambassador and Secretary of State under Clinton, shows how their way of thinking.  In May 1996. Albright appeared  in the talk-show “60 Minutes”, and Lesley Stahl asked about the sanctions against Iraq: “We have Heard That a half a million children have died [Because Of sanctions against Iraq]. I mean that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And – you know, is the price worth it?”

Albright: “I think this is a very hard choice, but the price – we think the price is worth it.”

Mabel Wisse Smit, Phon van den Biesen, and Willemijn Verloop are responsible and involved in  the deaths of 270,000 people alone in Bosnia: a further 1.17 million were driven out of there.

The economy collapsed in the war zones,  and it’s  still not restored, so that millions of people are still living in poverty. In 1990.  there was no war, and a state was economically  between Austria and Greece. In 2004 we have only Western protectorates and pro-Western nation states there.  Is that what they prefer to have, and do  they think, “It was worth it.”?


Наслов: Раст броја становника од нула посто – једини излаз из проблема глобалне пренасељености

Налетела сам на Network Church Monitoring сајт.  Међутим ово одудара од учења свих  познатих  цркава и конфесија, осим можда некаквог технократско фашистичког Зеитгеиста и бројних Њу ејџ покрета.

Филипини – Становници огромне зграде у Манили на Филипинима углавном  станују у сламовима, баракама смештеним на крову зграде.  Манила има  20 милиона становника, а тај број се повећава за око четврт милиона годишње.
Због пренатрпаности трећине градских квартова,  људи су приморани да живе на сваком, и најмањем комаду слободног земљишта. Проблем је што таквог земљишта скоро да нема, осим у импровизованим насељима испод мостова, железничких чворова, па чак и у гробницама.
У конзервативним католичким деловима породице са много деце су статистички бројније од оних са двоје или троје. што поред инфраструктуре притиска и систем социјалне и здравствене заштите,  који већ су на граници пуцања.

На слици: станари ‘ќрововских насеља’у Манили, на Филипинима
Стручњак за решавање демографских проблема Џејсон Брент из Лас Вегаса, даје  реалну процену да размисле, направе план и примене строге мере. МОрамо да схватимо колико могу бити озбиљне последице пренасељености јер човечанство хрли ка додатних 3 милијарде становника у наредних 37 година, ( у САД се очекује прираштај од 138 милиона до средине века). Истакнути проучавалац насељености становништва Пол Ерлих је рекао:  “Све могућности су промашене уколико се не  ограничи даљи раст људске популације.

Џејсон Брент  овом најновијем интервјуу износи: “Постоје три, и само три начина да се раст људске популације сведе на нулу или да оде ‘у минус”  ако би било неопходно за опстанак планете,” рекао је Брент.  То су:

1. Рат, са или без оружја за масовно уништење, глад, разне болест, силовања, убиства, етничко чишћење, концентрациони логори и остале незамисливе страхоте, човечанство не би премашило капацитет планете Земље.
“Позивам свакога ко чита ово да пронађе још неки метод којим би се раст људске популације  свео на нулу или постао негативан.
“Пошто је Земља коначна у смислу да има свој век трајања, а становништво непрестано расте, у једном тренутку, раст становништва ће престати. Нема те силе на небу ни на земљи која би допустила  бесконачан  раст популације на Земљи која је коначна.  У ствари, неки стручњаци (шта год да та реч значи) су наводили  јаке аргументе, како чињеничне тако и логичне, да подрже предлог да би за опстанак човечанства на  планети, под условом да живи задовољавајућим животним стандардом, број  становника морао бити смањен на 1 милијарду или мање.
Међу тим стручњацима су Џејмс Ловлок , (James Lovelock, – Gaia fame), и проф Дејвид Пиментел (Prof. David Pimentel) са Корнел универзитета.
Човечанство занемарује стручњаке (поред Ловлока и Пиментала), који тврде да

Човечанство занемарује у свом колективном стету те стручњаке (поред Ловелоцк и Пиментал), који тврде да је неопходно д знатно смањити популацију испод тренутних 7,1 милијарди (2011) како би човечанство опстало. За оне који су заинтересовани за учење о броју људи на планети  нека иду на  (то је написано са “к”, а не “ц”) и прочита бриљантну анализу Chris Clugston.
“Позивам свакога да представи логично решење које би подржало тврдњу да ће човечанство добровољно и само од себе смањити раст популације и свести га на нулу пре него што број људи на планети премаши њене капацитете.
Или, да ће се човечанство добровољно редуковати на испод тренутних 7,0 милијарди,  пре него што почнемо број људи на планети да изражавамо додајући једну јединицу испред тог броја?

“Свако право које појединац има мора бити реално одмерено,  како не бисмо дошли у ситуацију да остварење појединачног права  нанесе  штету  целом човечанству. Док свако људско биће теоретски има право да одлучи колико ће деце имати, то право не могу вршити на начин који би изазвао  штету, смрт и  разарања остатку човечанства.
Свака искрена и  интелигентна анализа главних проблема пренасељености планете  са којима се суочава човечанство извесно доводи  до закључка да ће појединац,  вршећи своје  индивидуално право да има више од једног детета, извесно изазвати огромну штету целом човечанству.
“Кроз целу људску историју ни једна нација није била у стању да смањи раст становништва и сведе га на нулу  без абортуса и не постоји ниједан разлог да поверујемо да би се нула или негативан прираштај могао  постићи данас без абортуса.
Пошто ће наставак раста броја  становника  извесно довести човечанство у ситуацију пренасељености и премашеља капацитета Земље,  човечанство има избор – да  абортус постане лако доступан свима, целом  човечанству; негирање права на абортус довешће до смрти милијарди људи.

Ту су и видео клипови:

“Неуспех светских лидера да  барем размотре и правилно процене све начине добровољне контроле броја становника је криминални акт и последица  глупости која доводи до тога да лидери постану криминалци који ће довести до најужасније смрти више људи него сви тирани и масовне убице у исторји.”

Моје решење је крајње једноставно: драги Американци, престаните да изгладњујете народе санкцијама, уценама, престаните да нападате државе и, за име бога, престаните да уводите демократију и ‘демократсе владе” (у ствари хохштаплере који су вам се продали за шаку долара) по свету, па ће вам се и број имиграната драстично смањити.

Превео и уредио: Big ‘N’ Mighty Nose

Љубав и Секс са Роботима – еволуција људско – роботских односа, аутор Дејвид Леви

Ако сте млађи од 35 година, вероватно ћете живети довољно дуго да се уверите у предвиђања Дејвида Левија. Леви тврди  да ће до 2050 бити створени роботи који ће изгледати тако живо и природно и прожети људским особинама, као што су емоције и  интелигенција,  да се неће разликовати од правих људи. И ми ћемо ступати са роботима у  сексуалне и љубавне везе са  роботима.   Неко ће се чак и венчати. И све ће, по Левију,  бити добро. Леви излаже своју визију врлог новог света кроз телесно –  љубав и секс са роботима: предвиђа еволуцију у односима између  људи и робота.
Фантастичан секс без ограничења за свакога, 24 сата, седам дана у недељи” пише на последњој страни књиге.  Коме то може да се не свиђа?
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Машина са кожом  попут наше? Са нашим физичким особинама? И, што је најважније, са умом као што је наш – несавршеним,  рационално – ирационалним, понекад емотивно интелигентним, понекад емотивно глупим?
“Мислим да је то разумна претпоставка,”   тврди Леви .  И даље каже: ,, Ако погледамо напредак у технологији у последња, рецимо, 40 или 50 година, био је заиста огроман, а више знамо о науци и технологији, брже ћемо долазити до нових и фантастичних открића у тој области  .
,,Ако човека дефинишемо на начин аутомата, аутомат ће симулирати човека.” , написао је једном  књижевни критичар Хју Кеннер. Да ли је то оно што Леви ради? ,, О томе размишљам крајње прагматично”, рекао је он, “делимично због тога што у мом изворном занимању, а то је  компјутерски шах, је то начин на који се  проблем решава.”

Не тако што се створи  машина способна да размишља  као шаховски мајстори,  већ се ствара машина која ће победити шаховског мајстора.  Насупрот томе,  верује Леви,  роботи  треба само да “симулирају” људску интелигенцију и емоције.  Ако не можете са сигурношћу да одредите да ли је неко/ нешто човек или машина, а прија вам однос који имате,  колико је то уопште важно?
– Третираћете га  као да је жив. Остатак је само филозофска ситничавост.”

НА питање ко ће да се користи  Сексботе (сексуалне роботе) у 21. веку, Леви смирено одговара: ,,Прво они који су тужи  и усамљени, на пример, људи који су изразито физички  непривлачни или асоцијални, затим изоловани или емотивно осакаћени – сви они који имају проблема са проналажењем партнера и ступањем у везу. ”
Затим додаје: ,,Људи који воле своје рачунаре више од својих другова. … Хеј, они су на добром путу већ  тамо. ”

* Дејвид Леви је рођен  14. марта 1945. у Лондону шкотски мастер шахиста и изумитељ компјутерског шаха и примене вештачке интелигенције у шаху.  Установио је Компјутерску олимпијаду и аутор је више од 40 наслова из области шаха и вештачке интелигенције.