‘Israel involved in Kosovo organ trade’

A European Union prosecutor who says Israel has been trading with an elaborate organ trafficking network in Kosovo has brought the case to Pristina District Court, a report says. European Union Prosecutor Jonathan Ratel Jonathan Ratel, who serves in Kosovo as part of the EU's rule of law mission, has announced that the seven suspected … Continue reading ‘Israel involved in Kosovo organ trade’

JEWS in Bosnia i Herzegovina (1992-1995)

Jews fight alongside Muslims? Impossible. Unless when it comes to killing Serbs, it is absolutely possible. Side by side with the Bosnian Muslim and Al Qaeda terrorists, Bosnian Jews fought in the Army of the  CIA funded 'Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina'.  The following article has first been published on 5 September 1992 by  Kentucky New Area newspapers. … Continue reading JEWS in Bosnia i Herzegovina (1992-1995)