How the NYT lied, and how the World believed it

In more than sixteen years now (December 1997), the New York Times was repeating at least 2,236 times that the Krajina Serbs are “occupiers”, “conquerrors” or “land grabbers” of one third of Croatia. They repeated, in the same period, the same fabrications about the Bosnian Serbs at least 3,807 times. They claimed that the Bosnian Serbs are “occupiers”, “conquerrors”, “land grabbers” of two thirds of Bosnia.

From the here presented literature it is clear that the Serbs settled in Bosnia in seventh century. They were invited to settle in Krajina in 1578

The following map was issued by the New York Times, Saturday, November 26, 1994.


This map is a Smoking Gun Proof that New York Times (as well as the other major Western media) were involved in blunt Goebbelsian-like propaganda. This map shows that they KNEW they were laying when labbeling the Serbs as “occupiers”, “aggressors”, “land grabbers” etc.

While they published countless maps of the Serbian “conquer” once (and once only!) did they publish that those Serbs actually LIVED (before the war) on the territories they controlled. On the map the Serbs were represented in solid gray color.

NOTE: Even here, at a rare moment of truth, the New York Times had to be true to its ways. They had to blame the Serbs, and Serbs only, for disintegration of Yugoslavia.

In very few sentences of the above text seen on the map they managed to slip the following lies:

  1. They claimed that Serbs had “political domination” over Yugoslavia. The truth is, as you will will see if you follow the following link, that Croat and Slovene Communists controlled Yugoslavia.
  2. The Serbs could not be “minority” in Croatia and Bosnia, as said above. The Serbs were CONSTITUENT nation of Yugoslavia. If secessionists had right to secede the same way the loyal population had the right to stay in the federation…
    Croats and Bosnian Muslims wishing to make their own countries did not have right to kidnap the Serbs and take territory – for centuries majority Serbian – with them.

One more IMPORTANT NOTE: The country of Yugoslavia was formed in 1918. Its first name was the “Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes”. Those three nations were the constituent nations of Yugoslavia. Thus, they have the right to (using peaceful means) negotiate leaving the union.

Albanians of Kosovo are NOT constituent nation of Yugoslavia. They are minority in the true sense of the term. To make a precedent and give Albanians of Kosovo “right” to secede would open a whole new Pandora’s box in the international relationships.


Source: NYT,
srpska – mrež 


Confirmed: At least 8255 killed Serbs in Sarajevo

At least 8255 Serbs were killed in Sarajevo from 1992. to 1995,  confirmed  by the Institute for Research of Serbian suffering in the 20th century, Belgrade.

groblje srpsko

In addition, there are 860 persons are still missing. The Institute stated that the possibility of errors in the list is less than three percent and  that all  the inventory has been checked.    Associates of the  Institute  collected the data  through witnesses who were kept in the concentration camps, people who remained in Sarajevo during the war, from family members and survivors, who testifed that  the entire Serbian families were killed as their neighbors and friends testified.  One of the Institute’s  cooperates  Strahinja Živak said that the list has to be checked for every victims,  including name,  year of birth and death.

nikola gardovic

On the 2.  March 1992 Orthodox Priest Nikola Gardovic  was shot during the wedding of his son by pro Ottoman terrorists  in front of the Orthodox Church in Sarajevo.  His son in law was wounded.  That was the shot that started the War. 

“When the list is so large the possibility is ton have error of 3%, because some people in the meantime were exchanged, or managed to escape from the camps, and we couldn’t get any information nor could they been found. So the errors are possible, but 97 percent of the data was checked and is absolutely accurate,.”

He announced that his book  “The executed Sarajevo Serbs ” is to be published soon.


Dutch princess Mabel Wisse Smit i.e. Princess Mabel has the Serbian blood on her hands

The following article is the quickest  translation I ever made, and I still haven’t finished.  The first obstacle I’m facing is that I don’t speak Dutch, so I used Google translator and abused one good hearted native Dutch (thanks, R, kisses) . The advantage is that I worked on the issue during my career in a Serbian weekly ten years ago. And I have very good memory.  

There we go:

” Mabel Wisse Smit (1968.), Princess Mabel since her marriage to Queen Beatrix’s second son, is ‘extreme in everything’, one of her best friends said long time ago in an interview with this newspaper. Mabel, she added, is extreme in her intelligence, her sense of adventure, her ambition and her charm. Not to forget her choice of partners.”


It was said that at the end of the 1980s Mabel Wisse Smit, then in her early twenties, has had a relationship with a drug dealer Klaas Bruinsma, who was liquidated in 1991 in Amsterdam. And it was said that Mabel Wisse Smit, when screened, as all future members of the Royal House must be, had lied to Prime Minister Balkenende. ‘There is no remedy for falsehood’, he said on 12 December 2003, when the case came to a climax.

The Royal House, crime, a hint of sex, and all that in the Calvinist Netherlands, and then such a high-profile woman – an eruption of cynicism and malicious delight stirred the Netherlands. Mabel Wisse Smit was the ‘gangster girl’ for weeks in the newspapers and on television. Nothing seemed as important as knowing whether she was spending nights with Klaas Bruinsma on his yacht and whether they have had sex. Paul Rosenmöller, former party leader of GroenLinks, asked that directly in a television interview, after she married Prince Johan Friso. Her eyes widened as she said: ‘Except for Friso, you are the first person to ask me that. And the answer is: no.’

Paul Rosenmöller also asked her how she felt about her name so frequently being linked with men and power. Mabel Wisse Smit answered: ‘If women are successful when they are young, people often think it has to do with their relationships with men.’ She thought that was ‘sexist’.

But when she said that on television, in November of 2004, she already had been rehabilitated for some time. Newspapers and weeklies wrote of her marriage, in April of that same year, of her work for the American billionaire and philanthropist, George Soros, of her talent for bringing people together to work cooperatively, a talent that had contributed to making possible the Rose Revolution in Georgia in December of 2003 and January of 2004. Mabel Wisse Smit was one of those who organised the use of Soros’s money to send extra observers to Georgia when President Shevardnadze, favourably disposed to the Russians, held elections, to check whether these were being conducted honestly. When it was established that this was not the case, new elections were announced. Without a civil war, the democratic Michail Saakasjvili, with Western leanings, came to power.

And then, at the end of August 2003, the Netherlands’ most renowned crime journalist, Peter R. de Vries, decided to get to the bottom of the case. He tracked down one of Bruinsma’s former bodyguards, the Chilean, Charlie da Silva. On television he said he was certain that Mabel Wisse Smit had been his boss’s girlfriend. That was when the ‘yes she did – no she didn’t’ slanging match started that lasted until 12 December 2003, the day Prime Minister Balkenende said there was no remedy for falsehood. Prince Johan Friso and Mabel Wisse Smit were later to express their heartfelt indignation about this: they had told no lies; at the most they hadn’t told the whole truth. Why should they?

At the United Nations in New York in 1993, she got to know Mohamed Sacirbey, ten years her senior and married. But that did not stop them from openly beginning a relationship with each other. In 1992, when the war in Bosnia had just broken out, he had been requested by President Alija Izetbegovic to internationally promote the Bosnian cause, as Foreign Minister.

Mabel Wisse Smit became one of Sacirbey’s lobbyists. In the Netherlands she set up the European Council for Peace on the Balkans. She found people like Thatcher and Giscard d’Estaing willing to lend their names to the cause. Sacirbey represented Bosnia at the peace treaties concluded in Dayton, Ohio in 1995. Then he stepped down as Foreign Minister and once more became Ambassador to the United Nations in New York.

The Bosnian government was responsible for his arrest there in 2003. It was said that, under his responsibility, 2.5 million dollars went missing from the UN mission during the war. In January 2005. , Sacirbey was extradited to Bosnia by the United States.

Shortly after Dayton, Mabel Wisse Smit and Sacirbey ended their relationship. In 1998, she was approached by the Open Society Institute in New York to set up an office in Europe. The World Economic Forum in Geneva pointed her out as one of the future world leaders.

At the end of 2000, Mabel Wisse Smit was introduced by her friend Laurentien Brinkhorst to Prince Johan Friso. Laurentien Brinkhorst was then the fiancée of Friso’s brother Constantijn. When her son announced his engagement in 2003, queen Beatrix said she was ‘especially pleased’ with Mabel, ‘her very loving and talented, future daughter-in-law’.

Princess Mabel still works in Brussels, at the Open Society Institute of George Soros. Once the screening by the Intelligence Services [AIVD] had not turned up any more damaging facts, she once again became the ambitious, brilliant networker she had been before the Klaas Bruinsma affair. Prince Friso has been Director of the Space Faculty of the INO [the Dutch Organisation for Applied Scientific Research] since March of 2004. The couple is no longer a subject for the serious press. The tabloids were concentrating on their first child.

The work of Mabel Wisse Smit in the Dutch media was described as “charity” but that’s  nonsense: her employer, the Open Society Institute, is a political organization par excellence, and has never hidden. The OSI exists to the liberal-conservative ideas of the philosopher Karl Popper to wear – according to the interpretation of mega-speculator George Soros.

The social philosophy of Karl Popper is easy to summarize: ‘open society’ essentially means ‘free market’. For an international currency speculator, his liberalism an attractive philosophy.

In any case, Mabel was politically active since 1994, and especially with a right-wing agenda.

In 1993 she was an intern at the UN: it is not something that you just arrange through the internship coordinator -some mighty protegee or the right people with the right contacts.  That’s an entrance to the world of international politics, and Mabel Wisse Smit went further in that direction. She worked at  the OSI,  in charge of the Western military interventions, and the imposition of a free-market economy, even by war.

George Soros and his foundations propagate an ultra-liberal ideology: it is based on the absolute moral superiority of liberal society, whereas  their liberalism is an obligation that has to emerge the entire world,  by the conquer and later liberalization.

The OSI seeks an Atlantic-oriented Europe of national states, led by the United States – the model on which NATO is based. When many Eastern Europeans fled their homelands, Soros  combined his globalism with anti-communism. The expectation of these exiles was that after the breakup of the multi-ethnic states such as Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union, the new national states would enter the free market, and accept the leadership of the U.S.
In most cases this presumption came true.   And it also explains the strategy of the OSI:
to promote liberalism, by ethnic divisions and separations encouraging.
This essay (published in the magazine of the U.S. defense academy)  helps the future of the  OSI to be understand. It advocates a strategy of the U.S. ‘unnatural’ multi-ethnic states breaking up, and replace by ‘natural’ ethnic states.

We destroyed or helped destroy 11 empires in our 250-year old epoch, while the remaining few – Portuguese, Dutch, Belgian – died of decay. The fundamental difficulty remaining, apart from mankind’s innate tendencies, is that those empires twisted the world into unnatural shapes. Although the empires are gone, the treacherous boundaries they established remain. Empires drew borders based not upon popular preference or human affinities, but as a result of conflicts, competition, and compromise with other empires…. Instead of using our might in vain attempts to force those who hate one another to live together – our “no-divorce” approach to foreign policy – we should lead the way in developing mechanisms to amend borders peacefully – or as peacefully as possible.”

Mabel Wisse Smit is also an eager  supporter of the Soros ideology,  – otherwise she could never find herself  in a top job at the OSI. That seems to me more important than a relationship with Klaas Bruinsma. She is the director of the Brussels office of the OSI, which is directly under the headquarters in New York .  Along with the office in Budapest, OSI-Brussels regulates the flow of funds to the national Soros foundations in several Eastern European countries.

It co-ordinates the co-operation with Western governments and international organizations – and therefore also with the EU. Soros activities are often co-financed by other agencies in Eastern Europe, especially the EU. The Brussels office also supervises the policy of the new members of the EU – and the EU uses the ‘values’ of the OSI to penetrate. This may include, for example, that the new Member States liberalism in nursery schools should teach, or that universities are in English.

Mabel Wisse Smit has been directly involved in three organizations. First there was the European Action Council for Peace in the Balkans – not to be confused with the American Action Council for Peace in the Balkans “. The EACPB was founded in 1994, and the future Dutch princess Mabel  had a relationship with the Bosnian representative to the UN, Mohammed Sacirbey, which lasted until 1998  according Sacirbey.

From this period Mabel Wisse Smit and Willemijn Proceedings started the War Child Netherlands organization. This actually was the Dutch branch of the previously established British War Child.  Two years later  she became the head of the Organization.

War Child Netherlands is formed by a political lobby to serve a political cause – the cause of Bosnian independence and Western intervention. Mabel Wisse Smit remained four years on the Board of War Child sitting, until 1999, while she also worked at the EACPB. The two organizations shared an office for three consecutive addresses: War Child paid the rent of Lauriergracht Singel 126 and 118.

It is unclear what the EACPB has done for many years, there are well-sounding names in a Committee of Recommendation list, but the organization does not even have a website. It is also unclear who paid it, as well as  on what  Mabel lived in the years between internship and first permanent job.

Since 1997 Mabel was on the payroll of the George Soros Open Society Institute. On the website of the OSI Education Support Unit she’s titled the “Executive Director” of the EACPB, same as in OSI.   Mabel Wisse Smit has always had her political work  based on the humanitarian fundraising,  and that’s the case of the ‘ War Child’ in general, which was the 90s closely connected  with the pro-intervention lobby.

Also Wisse Smit positioned  the Amsterdam lawyer Phon van den Biesen in the administration of both the EACPB as War Child. Van den Biesen was not an independent figure: he was a  lawyer of the state of Bosnia. He along with Mohammed Sacirbey spoke at the International Court, when Bosnia accused  Yugoslavia for genocide.

The War Child Netherlands is  partly paid by the  Ministry of Foreign Affairs – € 3.7 million for the years 2003-2006. The British War Child was founded with money from the British Foreign Office, specifically the ODA led by Thatcher’s former chief of staff Andy Bearpark.

Mabel Wisse Smit a was part of Bosnian Muslim lobby: until October 2003 that fact got little attention in the media.

It is hard to imagine what kind of pro-Bosnian and anti-Serb hysteria reigned at that time. The Soviet Union had just gone down, and there was a great revival of nationalism. The war in Bosnia was portrayed as the new Holocaust, and opponents of the intervention were labeled as fascists. Especially the  controversial ‘Serbian attack’ on Sarajevo was used to create a myth,  and it was achieved through picturing the situation in Bosnia as a battle between good and evil, an attack on the culture, tolerance, on humanity, on the art, the literature, and the city. Even the special terminology a.e.  word ‘urbicide’ (city murder)  has been coined to describe it.

Public opinion was literally edited with horror stories, such as the Serbian “rape camps” – that were never found.
All this was the case of the Bosnian nationalism (in several variants), and Croatian nationalism, Slovenian nationalism, Macedonian nationalism, and later also the Albanian nationalism in Kosovo. Mabel Wisse Smit has worked to establish closed national states in the Balkans. It is thanks to people like her that Soros and NGO succeeded in enforcing their agenda.

After the war in Bosnia – from 1996 –  she focused on Serbia alone, and soon on  Serbian Kosovo.

A large part of the former Bosnia-lobbying campaign has simply continued, now with the Kosovo Albanians,  who were portrayed as the victims and took over the role BOsnian Muslim separatists previously played.
Western intervention was  the  aim again, but through  the overthrow of Milosevic and the ‘liberalization’ of Serbia.
And after the NATO aggression on Serbia 1999.  Milosevic was forced to retreat from Kosovo. He was then replaced  by a pro-Western, USA, NATO supported, payed by Sorosh opposition movement, supported by a part of the army.

The Soros foundations supported and controlled the opposition in Serbia.  Mabel Wisse Smit was, because of its coordinating role at the office of the OSI, certainly also involved. Zoran Djindjic, assassinated later, was seen in the West as a future leader of Serbia, but he never received widespread support. After the fall of Milosevic, the “normal work” of the OSI began – promoting liberalism and  privatization.“Major Gathering of Investors in Belgrade by The End of February.
The two-day Yugoslavia Summit dedicated to international support for the country’s plans for economic development and Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic opened on February 25, with the participation of several hundreds of local and foreign companies. The summit, held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel,  discussed economic and international policy, investment opportunities in Serbia, Privatization, the banking and finance systems, security and safety of the market and other significant themes related to Yugoslavia’s economic development. Confirmed participants included Yugoslav Deputy Prime Minister Miroljub Labus,  National Bank Governor Mladjan Dinkic, Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic, the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for the Balkans, Carl Bildt, and U.S. ambassador to Yugoslavia William Montgomery, as well as Serbian government ministers and representatives . The organizers have Also Announced participation of executive director of the Soros Foundation Mabel Wisse Smith, EBRD office head Henry Russel, IMF representative for Yugoslavia Joshua Charap, World Bank Belgrade office head Rory O’Sullivan, and European Agency for Reconstruction representative Hasso Milineus
Belgrade , Feb. 8, 2002. ” –

To be continued 

Mainstream Media or Retard Informs Retards

This is the phenomena I’ve been observing for years (that’s why I copied the whole text from the site):

Hiding Kosovo Albanian and Bosnian Muslim Killers Among the “Yugoslavians”, “Bosnians” and “Americans”

In the past two years in United States we had four Yugoslavian terrorists who wanted to “kill as many American soldiers as possible”, a coldblooded Yugoslavian murderer who shot a man in the face, killing him in broad daylight in the midst of New York, a Bosnian mass murderer who gunned down random mall shoppers, two naturalized Americans who wanted to wage violent jihad around the world, and a Bosnian beauty — all belonging to none of the world’s known nations, and mostly coming from a nonexistent country.

Arber Mustafaj, Kosovo Albanian killer

Arber Mustafaj, Kosovo Albanian killer

Although even the New York Times must have heard by now Yugoslavian nation never existed, that long-ago-destroyed country called Yugoslavia (meaning a country of the Southern Slavs) was populated by Serbian, Slovenian, Croat, Muslim and Macedonian nations and numerous othernational minorities, American corporate media keeps reinventing the Yugoslavian nation whenever they need to cover up for their allies of the day.

Kosovo Albanian terrorist Hysein Sherifi
Kosovo Albanian terrorist Hysen Sherifi

When six terrorists plotting to blow up U.S. Army base in New Jersey were arrested everyone, starting from the Associated Press and NYT down, reported that the men are “Yugoslavs”, “from former Yugoslavia and Middle East”.

In fact, four of the “Fort Dix Six”, sentenced in the meantime, are Albanians from the Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija, one man is Turkish and the sixth is Jordanian.

The exact same retard-informs-retards approach was employed few wees ago, when Kosovo Albanian Arber Mustafaj, a fake refugee with a lengthy crime sheet, was apprehended by the U.S. border patrol and arrested on an outstanding warrant for murder (he shot a man in New York City). Both the border patroland the U.S. media informed us that Mustafaj is “a Yugoslavian man” and was with “two other Yugoslavians” at the time of apprehension. We are told one of those other two is his brother — guess what’s his nationality.

Bosnian Muslim jihadists Anes Subasic
Bosnian Muslim jihadist Anes Subasic

Sulejman Talović, who went on a shooting spree at a Utah shopping mall, killing five people and wounding four others, was merely a “Bosnian” — another nonexistent nationality in a country populated by the Serbs, Croats and Muslims, conveniently used to protect the laboriously fabricated good-guys image of the latest U.S. allies. It took no less than a riot by an outraged blogosphere for the MSM to admit the killer was neither a Bosnian Serb, nor a Bosnian Croat but, indeed, a Bosnian Muslim. However, they added another twist to it and had enough audacity left to still end up blaming the Serbs for his carnage. The one for the Believe It or Not department.

Out of seven recently arrested terrorists, charged with plotting to wage jihad outside the United States, one is Bosnian Muslim (Anes Subašić) and another is Albanian from Kosovo and Metohija province (Hysen Sherifi). But see if you can find that information anywhere herehere, or here. To AP, CNN and NYT, both Subašić and Sherifi have no ethnic background or any background whatsoever, they are simply “naturalized American citizens”. Imagine how naturalized a Serb would be if one would try something these two were about to pull.

Bosnian Beauty and Serb War Criminals

When Danijela Krstić, a beautiful Serbian girl from the town of Zvornik whose family was forced to flee Alija Izetbegović’s jihad, won the title of Miss Oregon, she was paraded through the press as another member of a nonexistent nationality.

Miss Oregon 2009 Danijela Krstic, Bosnian Serb
Danijela Krstic, Bosnian Serb beauty

“Bosnian beauty wins Miss Oregon crown”, cheered the Beaverton Valley Times, stressing Danijela, “a refugee from Bosnia” is “the first winner to be born outside the United States in the pageant’s 61-year history”. A charity organization introduced Miss Oregon as “a Bosnian refugee who moved to Oregon as a teenager”, while the state’s Rotary Club explained Danijela is “24 years old and a native of Bosnia”.

The same way former President Karadžić and General Ratko Mladić are simply Bosnians, right?

There must have been a score of “Yugoslavian”, “Bosnian” and “Balkan” killers and terrorists in the past years that a whole team would be needed to track down and cover, but the principle is always the same: you will be told someone is a Serb — Bosnian, Kosovo or any other — right from the title only if he is accused of doing something wrong. In all other cases, you will be left to think the “Yugoslav”, “Bosnian” or “Balkan” brute in question is most probably another “evil Serb”, because no American media outlet will tell you that he isn’t.

As for the beauties… well, they can’t be Serb, can they?

Danijela most surely is, and apparently one with more than just a pretty face. She just returned from Montenegro coast, where she took 45 Kosovo Serb children from their ghettos in Orahovac, Goraždevac, Hoča and Peć, for a summer vacation and tour of Serbian Orthodox holy sites.

“The words of praise are too small for Danijela’s humanity and everything she has done for our children — we shall never forget this”, the school pedagogue Milica Perić, surrounded by the joyous Kosovo and Metohija children, told Serbian news agency Tanjug at the end of their unexpected bliss by the sea.


If the Damascus falls – Daraya will become “a suburb of Moscow” – Mikhail Leontyev from the dying town

  • In  Daraya, a suburb of the Damascus,  cleaning the area of the foreign mercenaries lasts for more than three months already.  There is no more civilian population.  The War is being fought for every room, for every single meter. This is a mini-Stalingrad and Grozny
  • Two thirds of the terrorists in  Daraya, were foreigners: from Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Russia (Chechnya)

If Syria falls – all this scum  and international murderers will come to us. They are all the same, no more place for them to go .

Video material:

 Leading political commentator of the First channel of Russian state television – Mikhail Leontyev in  his recent analytic program “Odnako” (‘Equaly’) analyses Syria.

Not by chance. But, not only because of the importance and impact that the Syrian resistance to the Westerno –  Jihadist joint aggression has on international relations.

 Leontejv is a witness. From the scene. Because he visited the south suburbs of Damascus –  Daraya, whose return under the control of the regular Syrian army has strategic importance.

 Anyway, read and watch. Here are the observations and conclusions of Michael Leontjev:

 – President Assad is alive, there was no ‘Iranian bodyguard’ who killed him. There was no murder and the president Assad has no Iranian guards at all.

   The spate of the absurdity and  lies about Syria, which is –  even by the standards of modern information war – abnormal,  clearly exposes the origin of power and the money that’s behind it.

   In  Daraya, , one of the southern suburbs of Damascus,  there is no civilian population. War is being fought for every room, for every meter.

     Syria Daraya

caption: Daraya

This is a mini-Stalingrad. Or Grozny.

 Two thirds of the terrorists in Syria  are  foreigners:  Libyans, Egyptians, Tunisians, Saudi Arabians, Afghanistani, Pakistani, Bangladesh, and even our own, from Russia. (Chechnya)

  Here in Syria the West has  formed a truly mobile, well trained and armed army of fanatics,  prefect  for universal and international use.

  “Death to Russia”, “Today – Syria! tomorrow – Russia”, “Caucasian battalion”, “Putin, we will come to your castle Kremlin”.  – For those who don’t understand, the FSA  translated it both in Arabic and Russian.

  “Assad and Putin – the bloody devils”, “Tibet, up to jihad”. It doesn’t matter to them  the reality concerning Buddhism and Jihad. All this is just a  reflection of the problems in educational system in our  Chechnya.

We can only wish that those who recruited the international scum and brought them here to  kill Syrians will come to their senses and stop this madness.

 Some of  the mercenaries  are completely convinced that they are fighting in Israel and against Israel.  The worst is that they cannot be proven what the truth is, even though the Israelis, before the whole world’s eyes,  arm those degenerics and provide them with medical treatment.

 – Khaled is a captain of the elite brigade, one of the best in Syrian army.  His tank has never been hit, eve though he always  fought till the end.  Captain Khaled  is a man who deserves all honor and  trust.

  By the way, he is Sunni. And his head got the price tag  –  there’s a reward for his head, dead or alive.
He says that he has nothing more to lose.

   “We defend Syria, we re fighting for united Syria. We want Syria to remain whole and preserved, safe.  We fight against the external enemy –  Israel, Qatar and Saudi Arabia supported terrorism. Our goal is victory.  No matter how much blood we shed –  We will win “

After all,  the “war on terror”  in Syria is not just a political formulation.  It’s the real and total terror. Intimidate and kill, kill and intimidate.

 The sources of  the fanatic “men power”  are  inexhaustible as long as there are petrodollars from the Gulf monarchies.

 The Wild Islamic despots financed and supported by the ‘civilized’ West, glorify and arm the mob so their sadistic maniacs and mercenaries destroy the country.

As for the Syrian economy, it  has endured two years of sanctions, terror and systematic destruction of infrastructure.

For the past two years Syrian army got purified, for all the non loyal have already fled, and the true, loyal Syrian soldiers already gained   significant war experience.

KLA, Albanian mob in the U.S.A.

When Bill Clinton stopped in Detroit on April 17th on a fundraising visit, he met with a small group of Albanian-Americans at the Roseville Recreation Center. According to the Detroit News, a banner at the Roseville speech bore the logo of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA).


Memorial named Thank you mr George W. Bush, in Albania

Two days earlier, during an address to the American Society of Newspaper Editors, Mr. Clinton offered an oblique reference to the KLA when he insisted that Serbian ruler Slobodan Milosevic had “not destroyed the armed opposition among Kosovars; indeed, [its] numbers and determination are growing.” NATO spokesman Jamie Shea, offering a more poetic take on the establishment line, reported that the KLA is “rising like a phoenix from the ashes.”

Part of the reason why the KLA’s ranks are growing, reported the Chicago Tribune on April 1st, is forced conscription: Shortly after NATO began its bombing campaign, the KLA ordered all Albanian men of fighting age “to join its ranks within one month or face unspecified consequence.”

Many male refugees, who had been driven from their homes at gunpoint, “made it to the Albanian border only to encounter checkpoints of the KLA,” reported the Tribune.

“Travelers who slipped through said they saw men being pulled from buses by armed guerillas and sent to KLA training camps in the rugged hills nearby.” There the conscripts are given one month of crude training before being thrust into battle.

Showcase Volunteers

Although the KLA has had to rely on press gangs to draft Kosovo Albanians into its ranks, it has attracted thousands of ethnic Albanian volunteers from Europe and the United States. Throughout émigré communities worldwide, reported the April 20thWashington Times, the call to enlist in the KLA “is considered obligatory for all men ages 18 to 55. Only those who are sick or who can contribute financially to the KLA are considered exempt.” Albanian émigrés from Philadelphia, Detroit, New York, Chicago, and other U.S. cities have repaired to the KLA banner, joining thousands more from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and other European nations.

The KLA’s recruit army has little military value; the shopkeepers, waiters, teenagers, and middle-age professionals who have volunteered will not turn the tide of battle against Milosevic’s well-equipped paramilitary squads.

As with the Communist-organized “Abraham Lincoln Brigade” in the Spanish Civil War, the KLA’s émigré army is a propaganda exercise intended to confer an air of romantic idealism to a movement dominated by corrupt terrorists.

The KLA’s founders, reported Balkans correspondent Chris Hedges in the March 28th New York Times, were “diehard Marxist-Leninists (who were bankrolled in the old days by the Stalinist dictatorship next door in Albania) as well as descendants of the fascist militias raised by the Italians in World War II.”

Hedges fleshes out his portrait of the KLA in an essay published in the May-June 1999 issue of Foreign Affairs. “The KLA fighters are the province’s new power brokers,” Hedges writes. “Whatever political leadership emerges in Kosovo will come from the rebel ranks, and it will be militant, nationalist, uncompromising, and deeply suspicious of all outsiders.”

The KLA’s leadership cadres, according to Hedges, are “given to secrecy, paranoia, and appalling mendacity when they feel it serves their interests, which is most of the time.”

The KLA’s ideology displays “hints of fascism on one side and whiffs of communism on the other,” continues Hedges, and its leadership includes the heirs and descendants of “the Skanderbeg volunteer SS division raised by the Nazis [who] took part in the shameful roundup and deportation of [Kosovo’s] few hundred Jews during the Holocaust.”

Such is the character of the group that, in Hedges’ view, “represents the aspirations of most Kosovar Albanians,” which is to create “an independent Kosovo now and a Greater Albania later.” A map circulated among KLA supporters, including the Albanian-American Civic League (AACL), depicts a “Greater Albania” that includes not only Kosovo, but a slice taken from Serbia proper, in addition to portions of Montenegro, Macedonia, and Greece.

Despite repeated assertions from NATO that the war against Yugoslavia is intended to contain ethnic conflict, the alliance with the KLA effectively guarantees that the conflict will spread throughout the Balkans and beyond. Were Milosevic to relent and allow international “peacekeepers” to occupy Kosovo, the occupation force would be required to disarm the KLA, as specified by the Rambouillet framework.

The KLA has made it clear that it has no intention of relinquishing its arms or renouncing its irredentist aims. Indeed, the terrorist group has already expanded its campaign in Macedonia, which has been overrun by Albanian refugees. On April 22nd, Interior Minister Pavle Trajanov reported that KLA arms caches totaling 4.5 tons of firearms, grenades, and ammo have been discovered in several Macedonian locations.

The KLA has also reportedly recruited more than 1,000 “volunteers” from that country’s refugee population.

Unless the Clinton Administration decides to support the KLA’s drive for a “Greater Albania,” a NATO “victory” over Milosevic would almost certainly presage another conflict with the KLA, which – as the success of its international fundraising and recruiting efforts illustrates – has a disciplined and tightly organized international network at its disposal. The KLA would be well positioned to bring its war home to America in the form of terrorism.


As previously reported in these pages (see “Diving into the Kosovo Quagmire” in our March 15th issue [included here immediately following this article -Ed.]), the KLA is allied with Osama bin-Laden’s international terrorist network and funded, in large measure, by Albanian organized crime – particularly heroin trafficking.

In 1994, when the insurrectionary KLA was still in its larval stage, France’s Observatire Geopolitique Des Drogues, a counter-narcotics bureau attached to the European Commission, reported that “heroin shipment and marketing networks are taking root among ethnic Albanian communities in Albania, Macedonia, and the Kosovo province of Serbia, in order to finance large purchases of weapons destined for the brewing war in Kosovo.”

A 1995 report from Kosovo published in the left-wing journal Mother Jones described how Kosovo Albanians committed to insurrection would work as “camels”: “By the hundreds, they cross the mountains, lakes, and seas that comprise affluent Europe’s outer frontiers – usually in the dead of night – carrying the mob’s narcotics in one direction and its laundered money in the other.”

“Here and in a half-dozen other Western countries,” declared Pascal Auchlin, a criminologist with Switzerland’s National Center for Scientific Research, “there is now an ant’s trail of individual drug traffickers that leads right to Kosovo.” In 1995, nearly 500 Kosovo Albanians were in Swiss prisons on drug-related charges, and more than 1,000 others were under indictment.

Many other “camels” were not so fortunate, noted Mother Jones: “Empty boats wash up, after howling Mediterranean storms, on the Spanish and Sicilian coasts. Decomposed bodies are discovered each spring in the Alps, when the seasonal thaw opens snowbound passes.”

In the United States, wrote criminologist Gus Xhudo in the Spring 1996 issue of Transnational Organized CrimeAlbanian mobsters have been involved in “drug and refugee smuggling, arms trafficking, contract killing, kidnaping, false visa forgery, and burglary.”

Between 1985 and 1995, wrote Xhudo, “authorities estimated that 10 million U.S. dollars in cash and merchandise had been stolen from some 300 supermarkets, ATM machines, jewelry stores, and restaurants” by Albanian gangsters, a healthy cut of which was sent to fund “Greater Albanian” ambitions.

In Albanian gangs, reported Xhudo, “the basic command structure, reliant upon their politico-cultural experiences with communist rule, is one rooted in community party apparatus.” A Leadership Council (whose membership, according to law enforcement officials, includes several leading Albanian politicians) directs the syndicate’s international efforts through a decentralized chain of command.

Recruits into Albanian gangs “swear an oath of allegiance and secrecy, an omerta or besa (literally, promise or word of honor in Albanian),” Xhudo explained. The executive committee of each Albanian bajrak (or crime “family”) provides “the requisite tactics and training necessary for conducting arms and drug smuggling, as well as sophisticated burglaries.”

The hands-on work of the crime syndicates is performed by “crews” made up of four to ten members: “A-team” units trained in the use of sophisticated tools and communications gear, and “B-teams” who, “while lacking in sophistication make up for it in brutality and cunning.”

In the mid-1990s, law enforcement officials in New York and New Jersey noticed that Albanian gangsters had dramatically improved their surveillance and counter-surveillance skills. This led some officials to suspect that former agents of the Sigurimi, the Communist Albanian secret police, had begun to train “crews” in this country.

Even without the Sigurimi‘s help, however, the Albanian mob had established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of narcotics smuggling. Xhudo wrote that “by the mid-1980s, Albanians were already gaining notoriety for their drug trafficking,” playing a predominant role in the “Balkan Connection” through which passed up to 40 percent of the heroin sold on U.S. streets.

Narcotics Network

Asked by The New American about accusations that the KLA is implicated in drug smuggling and terrorism, Shirley Cloyes, the Balkan affairs adviser for the Albanian American Civic League (AACL), dismissed the charges as “absolutely preposterous” products of “Serb propaganda.”

“These reports are quite baffling, and it is very, very disturbing that such propaganda has been given wide currency in the press,” Cloyes declared. “As the atrocities of Milosevic’s regime have been exposed to the public, the Serb propaganda machine has stepped up its rhetoric about the supposed connections between the KLA and drug traffickers and Islamic fundamentalists. There is simply no merit to any of these charges.”

Former counter-narcotics agent Michael Levine, author of the exposés Deep Cover and The Big White Lie, begs to differ with Cloyes’ assessment. “Backing the KLA is simply insane,” Levine protests. Levine, a highly decorated former undercover agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), told The New American, “My contacts within the DEA are quite frankly terrified, but there’s not much they can say without risking their jobs.

These guys [the KLA] have a network that’s active on the streets of this country. The Albanian mob is a scary operation. In fact, the Mafia relied on Albanian hitmen to carry out a lot of their contracts. They’re the worst elements of society that you can imagine, and now, according to my sources in drug enforcement, they’re politically protected.”

“It’s the same old story,” Levine notes. “Ten years ago we were arming and equipping the worst elements of the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan – drug traffickers, arms smugglers, anti-American terrorists.

We later paid the price when the World Trade Center was bombed, and we learned that some of those responsible had been trained by us. Now we’re doing the same thing with the KLA, which is tied in with every known middle and far eastern drug cartel.

Interpol, Europol, and nearly every European intelligence and counter-narcotics agency has files open on drug syndicates that lead right to the KLA, and right to Albanian gangs in this country.”

In early April, the FBI announced that an anonymous fax had been sent to Serbian Orthodox churches across the country urging Serbian-Americans to carry out terrorist acts against members of the U.S. Armed Forces. Although the FBI subsequently dismissed the message as a “rant” rather than a terrorist threat, the incident still served to misdirect public attention, according to Levine.

“It’s possible that a Serb might commit an act of terrorism, but the KLA’s got a whole network up and running in this country, and they’re in bed with Osama bin-Laden, who’s shown that he intends to kill Americans and has the means to do it,” Levine declares.

Robert Gelbard, the Clinton Administration’s former special envoy for Kosovo, told Agence France Presse in February 1998 that the KLA “is, without any questions, a terrorist group.” After this remark provoked criticism from the KLA’s American partisans that it amounted to a “green light” for Milosevic to carry out repression against Kosovo’s Albanian population, Gelbard clarified his point by telling the House Committee on International Relations that while the KLA had committed terrorist acts, it had never “been classified legally by the U.S. government as a terrorist organization.”

In light of the fact that the KLA has been embraced by Osama bin-Laden, who has been identified by the Administration as the kingpin of global terrorism, this omission is a curious one indeed.

On August 24th of last year, shortly after U.S. cruise missiles struck supposed assets of bin-Laden’s network in Sudan and Afghanistan, the Saudi terror chieftain’s World Islamic Front (WIF) issued a communiqué urging its followers to “direct your attacks to the American army and her allies, the infidels.”

Kosovo was listed among the locales in which the communiqué claimed the WIF had “achieved great victories” in recent years. In a November 30th dispatch from Pristina, Kosovo, The Scotsman reported that bin-Laden’s operatives were active in Albania.

In addition, intelligence officials reported that “Mujahadeen units from at least a half dozen Middle East countries [are] streaming across the border into Kosovo from safe bases in Albania.”

Complement to Bloodshed

As preparations for NATO’s war in Kosovo proceeded, according to The Scotsman, the Clinton Administration asked the KLA “to distance themselves from so-called Mujahadeen fundamentalists.” In exchange, the Administration held out the promise of political and military support.

According to the February 24th New York TimesSecretary of State Madeleine Albright promised the KLA leadership that in exchange for its signatures on the Rambouillet peace accord, “Officers in the Kosovo Liberation Army would be sent to the United States for training in transforming themselves from a guerilla group into a police force or a political entity, much like the African National Congress did in South Africa.”

“We want to develop a good relationship with them as they transform themselves into a politically oriented organization,” declared deputy State Department spokesman James Foley. “We want to develop closer and better ties with this organization.”

Military cooperation between the KLA and NATO is already a reality in Kosovo. The Times of London reported on April 20th [1999] that KLA guerillas, using satellite communications systems, have been target-spotting for NATO bombing runs over the province.

“The intelligence is passed to Western `handlers’ who relay the targets to the alliance, enabling NATO to claim that it has no `formal links’ with the rebels,” continued the Times. Some of those “handlers” are commandos from the British SAS Special Forces; others reportedly are from the U.S. Delta Force.

One British report suggested that Military Professional Resources Incorporated (MPRI), the Virginia-based private military training firm, had been retained by the Albanian government to train and equip the KLA. MPRI spokesman Ed Soyster told The New American that while the firm has ongoing programs in Croatia, Bosnia, and Macedonia, “we’ve not been contacted by the Albanian government, and we’re not going to get in the middle of that thing in Kosovo.” Alluding to the KLA’s background in drug smuggling and terrorism, Soyster said that “this group is something that we simply don’t want to associate with” – an interesting assessment, given the firm’s willingness to contract with unsavory elements in both Croatia and Bosnia-Hercegovina.

Some KLA partisans in the U.S. are urging the Administration to dispense with “handlers” and arm the KLA directly. On April 21st, Senators Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Joseph Lieberman (D-CT) introduced the “Kosova Self-Defense Act,” which would (in McConnell’s words) “provide $25 million to arm and train members of the KLA” and “equip 10,000 men or 10 battalions with small arms and anti-tank weapons for up to 18 months.”

McConnell told his colleagues, “Given Administration reluctance to deploy U.S. troops, there is only one option – the KLA must be given the means to defend their homeland.” Congressman James Traficant (D-OH) has introduced a complementary measure in the House.

Not surprisingly, the AACL supports the proposal to arm the KLA – but only in combination with the deployment of U.S. troops, rather than as a substitute for such a deployment.

“Mr. President, how many Albanians must die before we do the right thing – namely arm the KLA, as we did the Croats in Bosnia – and committing NATO ground troops to stop the genocide and finish the job we started?” pleaded AACL director Joseph DioGuardi in a letter to Bill Clinton. Asked by The New American why American troops are necessary if the KLA can recruit Albanians from the diaspora to fight on the ground, the AACL’s Shirley Cloyes replied, “Our position has always been that we should start with arming the KLA before we send in ground troops.”

This is to say that the AACL – which is essentially the KLA’s public relations organ – does not see arming the KLA as an alternative to shedding American blood on the ground in Kosovo, but as a complement to a ground campaign: The KLA gets U.S. arms to continue its irredentist campaign, and U.S. servicemen get the dubious privilege of dying on behalf of “Greater Albania” and, of course, the new world order.

KLA Map of “Greater Albania”

A “Greater Albania”

When the conversation turned to the question of the KLA’s larger designs, Cloyes stuck close to her scripted talking points. “I have no time for talk about `Greater Albania,'” Cloyes emphatically told The New American. “The only quest for hegemony in the Balkans is Milosevic’s quest for a `Greater Serbia.’ You have only one land grab, and that’s Serbia’s grab of Kosovo.” When asked if it is the KLA’s intention to change existing borders in the Balkans, as the map distributed by the group suggests, Cloyes once again parried the inquiry by condemning “Serb aggression”: “There are no borders to change. The only borders that have been changed were changed by Serbia.” It will be interesting to see how this line of reasoning plays with those residents of Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, and Greece who live within the KLA-defined boundaries of “Greater Albania.”

“In the end, it will come to this: Led by the KLA, Kosovo will separate from Serbia, whether by negotiations or by violence,” concluded Christopher Hedges in his Foreign Affairs essay. “The grim reality is that we had better get to know the KLA – because it is not going away.” It must be remembered that Foreign Affairs, the journal of the Council on Foreign Relations, serves to define policy alternatives for America’s foreign policy elite. Thus, Hedges’ essay could be taken as a summary of the official Establishment line.

“Why quit our own to stand on foreign ground?” asked George Washington in his Farewell Address. “Why, by interweaving our destiny with that of any part of Europe, entangle our peace and prosperity in the toils of European ambition, rivalship, interest, humor, or caprice?” The wisdom of Washington’s warning to eschew damaging entanglements is underscored by the utterly demented determination of our ruling Establishment to knit our destiny with that of the KLA.

End quote.

By William Norman Grigg,

The New American

Vol. 15, No. 11
May 24, 1999

Albanian invaders in Kosovo and Pakistan to cement business relations

I am unable to understand this: ‘Kosovo’ is an USA proxy, ally,servant and admirer. Pakistan is against the USA policy, very often under the USA drone attacks…
But, dammit, when it comes to Serbs, they cooperate! Love is in the air!
From now on, every single bomb or drone that falls on the territory of Pakistan, as for me is not more than a friendly gift and blessing. Maktub.

ISLAMABAD: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade and Industry of Kosovo Ms Mimoza Kusari Lila received Muhammad Haroon Shaukat, Ambassador of Pakistan to Kosovo resident in Ankara.

Welcoming the appointment of Haroon Shaukat, who became the first Ambassador of Pakistan to Kosovo, Ms Mimoza said both countries were now in a position to start formal business relations. She stressed on the need to know the potential strengths of Pakistan and Kosovo by the businessmen of both the countries. She said exploratory reciprocal business visits would set the trend for spearheading commercial ties. It was agreed to encourage the federations of chambers of commerce and industry of both the countries to sign agreements for exchange of information, holding of joint trade fairs, and initiating joint business ventures.

Ms Mimoza said Kosovo’s geographical position and its Autonomous Trade Preferences agreement with European Union, through which it enjoys unlimited and duty free access to the EU market for products would be beneficial for Pakistani investors who could start joint ventures with Kosovo business partners. Kosovo also enjoys GSP from the United States, she added.

Shaukat expressed the hope both the governments would provide an interface to the private sectors of the respective countries through developing facilitative frameworks that will form the basis of closer economic interaction to the mutual advantage of both the countries.

He invited the Kosovo Deputy Prime Minister to lead a business delegation from her country to attend Expo Pakistan being held in Karachi from September 26-29, 2013.

This forum will provide an opportunity for Kosovo businessmen to explore business prospects and interact with leading Pakistan exporters, he added.