To travel from New York to Belgrade and then back again is to pass from the enemy's camp to the beleaguered camp of a small oppressed people and then back again. But it is also to pass from a world of lies and war crimes to a world at war. The United States of America … Continue reading THE WAR AGAINST THE SERBS AND THE NEW AMERICAN FASCISM


by Dragos Kalajic , Duga Belgrade, FR Yugoslavia June 8, 1996. Influential Italian weekly Panorama has been recently honored by the CIA: Panorama was given rights to be the first to publish in European media space and in that manner spread supposedly secret results of the futurologist predictions of the CIA's intellectual task force regarding impending, … Continue reading PARTNERSHIP FOR RACKET

As for September 11th

Today is September 11th The world mourns victims from The World trade centre and Pentagon. And I would like to ask you for a moment of silence for all those who have been harassed, imprisoned, disappeared, tortured, raped, killed in retaliation for those strikes, In Serbian Kosovo, Srpska and Krajina. For them who, by the … Continue reading As for September 11th

BLOODY 1 May, 1999. NATO killed 70 Serbs at Lužani

Sixty passengers lost their lives and four were wounded during the bombing of the Nis ekspres bus near the village of Luzani. On that occasion NATO warplanes bombed also the ambulance which came to help the victims when one doctor was injured on 1 May 1999. Niš Ekspress bus after  NATO shelled it 1 May 1999. … Continue reading BLOODY 1 May, 1999. NATO killed 70 Serbs at Lužani

How the NYT lied, and how the World believed it

In more than sixteen years now (December 1997), the New York Times was repeating at least 2,236 times that the Krajina Serbs are "occupiers", "conquerrors" or "land grabbers" of one third of Croatia. They repeated, in the same period, the same fabrications about the Bosnian Serbs at least 3,807 times. They claimed that the Bosnian … Continue reading How the NYT lied, and how the World believed it

Two boys stabbed in Kosovska Mitrovica!

Two boys - Serb and Gorani were stabbed in the back in the Albanian neighborhood in the northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica, earlier this day. So far perpetrators are still unknown. Two fifteen year old boys were back stabbed in Albanian neighborhood in Mitrovuca Kosovo Serb FZ (15) and Gorani A.Š. (15) were injured at 12:40 pm.  Health … Continue reading Two boys stabbed in Kosovska Mitrovica!

“NATO/U.S. out of Yugoslavia!” – Mumia Abu-Jamal

by Mumia Abu-Jamal* Revolutionary Worker #1003, April 25, 1999 As a deadly rain of high-tech bombs falls on Yugoslavia, a deadening rain of propaganda falls on Americans, media-manipulated lies designed to prime the populace into supporting harsher military measures against a sovereign nation, in the name of protecting human rights. NATO is but a fig … Continue reading “NATO/U.S. out of Yugoslavia!” – Mumia Abu-Jamal