The Battle of Deligrad

On September 3, 1806. Serbian patriots have defeated the Ottoman forces in the battle of Deligrad. The Ottoman Sultan, Selim III sent a huge Turkish force to quell the first Serbian uprising. The Serbian high command decided to meet the Turkish force under Ibrahim Pasha at Deligrad. The Serbian right wing numbered 6,000 men under … Continue reading The Battle of Deligrad


September 6, 1944 – Allied destruction of Lekovac

September 6, 1944. On this day Western Air Forces savagely bombed Serbian the city of Leskovac. September 6th is birthday of Serbian King Peter II and British, American and French ,,allies" targeted schools, maternity wards, hospitals, libraries, residential buildings, justifying the "errors" in high altitude from which the bombs were dropped. However, the fact is … Continue reading September 6, 1944 – Allied destruction of Lekovac

The Battle of Kosovo: Defeat or Victory?

Serbian military defeat at Kosovo fields in 1389 paved the way for the victory of Christian Europe against Ottoman Islamic tyranny at the gates of Vienna. On the 28th  of June in the year 1389, an army of Serbian Christian knights faced off against the invading Ottoman Muslim Turks on the famous and infamous Field … Continue reading The Battle of Kosovo: Defeat or Victory?

How the NYT lied, and how the World believed it

In more than sixteen years now (December 1997), the New York Times was repeating at least 2,236 times that the Krajina Serbs are "occupiers", "conquerrors" or "land grabbers" of one third of Croatia. They repeated, in the same period, the same fabrications about the Bosnian Serbs at least 3,807 times. They claimed that the Bosnian … Continue reading How the NYT lied, and how the World believed it

Two boys stabbed in Kosovska Mitrovica!

Two boys - Serb and Gorani were stabbed in the back in the Albanian neighborhood in the northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica, earlier this day. So far perpetrators are still unknown. Two fifteen year old boys were back stabbed in Albanian neighborhood in Mitrovuca Kosovo Serb FZ (15) and Gorani A.Š. (15) were injured at 12:40 pm.  Health … Continue reading Two boys stabbed in Kosovska Mitrovica!

“NATO/U.S. out of Yugoslavia!” – Mumia Abu-Jamal

by Mumia Abu-Jamal* Revolutionary Worker #1003, April 25, 1999 As a deadly rain of high-tech bombs falls on Yugoslavia, a deadening rain of propaganda falls on Americans, media-manipulated lies designed to prime the populace into supporting harsher military measures against a sovereign nation, in the name of protecting human rights. NATO is but a fig … Continue reading “NATO/U.S. out of Yugoslavia!” – Mumia Abu-Jamal