Don’t Overestimate The Russian-Serbian Strategic Partnership

Written by Andrew Korybko on 2018-11-12 for Russia’s relations with Serbia are excellent, but overestimating their potential might unwittingly generate very high but false hopes about their future, especially as it relates to the ultra-controversial topic of “recognizing” Kosovo.   The Russian-Serbian Strategic Partnership is stronger than at any time in history, with the … Continue reading Don’t Overestimate The Russian-Serbian Strategic Partnership


The Saga of Kosovo

by William Dorich Six hundred years ago, on St. Vitus Day, Christian army of Serbian Prince Lazar and Islamic conquerors under Turkish Sultan Murat fought a great battle on the plain of Kosovo. Serbs were defending themselves and Christian Europe from the Ottoman invasion, but at Kosovo, they were defeated. Prince Lazar and the cream … Continue reading The Saga of Kosovo

Kosovo battle spiritual significance. Ethic Codex of Saint Vid’s day /28. June 1389.

(…) It should be emphasized that the Vidovdan commemorations are not celebrations of Serbian military victory over the Turks,  for the Serbs were not victorious in the Kosovo Battle.   However, it is incorrect, and even malicious, to claim that at Vidovdan commemorations the Serbs “celebrate their defeat in the Kosovo Battle.” Such a statement has … Continue reading Kosovo battle spiritual significance. Ethic Codex of Saint Vid’s day /28. June 1389.

Ebola is a part of planned genocide, WHO officials should be put on trial for mass murder, says World’s top epidemiologist Dr Tomislav Prvulovic

''Everyone who survives EBOLA becomes permanently immune. So if we have not more than 250 grams of such person’s blood, we would make a completely efficient serum for about 50 patients. Such a medicine can help to more than 40 percent of patients survive, instead of 10 percent as it’s the case in the present.” he stressed, adding that during the present outbreak the medicament for the treatment of AIDS has also shown the results. Asked what would you do if Ebola appears in Serbia, Prvulović says he would come immediately, as it did in the case of smallpox when they once appeared in Yugoslavia and when they successfully stopped the disease.'' * Professor Tomislav Prvulovic MD, MPH, Ph.D., Serb, born in 1936 in a town called Jezero in Serbia, then Yugoslavia, has expertise in international public health, bioterrorism and infectious and tropical diseases. But what sets him apart from conventional doctors is the way he has applied that knowledge.

A Pro-Chinese Pivot Is The Last Chance To Save Serbia

Andrew Korybko via   Look past the smokescreen and it’s obvious that the failing state of Serbia is dying, literally, and the only thing that can save it is if Belgrade boldly breaks with its “balancing” tradition of the past and embraces China as much as possible, albeit in a smart way that leads to … Continue reading A Pro-Chinese Pivot Is The Last Chance To Save Serbia


This article was written by a girl named TARA GOLDSMITH's, who traveled through the Arandjelovac  area, Serbia. It's both amazing and full of less known things, one of them appears to be the marble of Serbia. Enjoy it: Do you know what the White House in Washington, the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty in New York, the obelisk in the centre of … Continue reading THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED – THE MARBLE ROAD IN SERBIA