The Great War: Arad, Austro Hungarian Hell For 15000 Serbs


Three years ago, on the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War , the municipality of Arad in the Romanian part of the Banat decided to rearrange  two cemeteries of Serbian internees who have died from 1914. to 1918. The camp in Arad fort ress, where Serbs were detained by the order of the Austro-Hungarian authorities, was primarily intended for Serbs expelled from the territory of the former Austro-Hungarian province of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kingdom of Serbia and other Serbian regions, and there were about  15 000 of Serbs imprisoned .

Srbi u ARADU

Among the captives there was a smaller number of Russians and other Slavs.

– The Arad camp was a part of the vast genocidal system conceived and applied by the Viennese establishment with clear intention to physically liquidate and eliminate the Serbian people . Headquarters of the entire system for the mass extermination of ethnic Serbs  run a network of concentration camps in Bosnia and Croatia , the Czech Republic , Slovakia, Hungary , Slovenia, Austria and Romania. From this irrational hatred of the dual monarchy emerged the camp in Arad fortress as an imperial institution for   displaced Serbs – Vladimir Ćorović wrote in his ” Black Book ” where he describes the guidelines of the Viennese Plan.

Srbi ARAd
Dovođenje srpskih zarobljenika u logor smrti Arad 

Serbian Pow’s and captured civilians arriving to death camp Arad. 

Here are just a few of implemented ” guidances ” of the monstrous plan : – Just before and during the First World War , through military courts numerous Serbian civilians have been sentenced to death and killed in huge numbers; while  soldiers were killed without trial .
On August 14, Near Foca, modern Bosnia and Herzegovina, 126 local Serbs were killed;
In Trebinje, in Austro Hungarian barracks, in the presence of the commander of the garrison, 79 of the most prominent Trebinje Serbs were hanged including two Orthodox priests .


ARAD: Prisoners from Doboj, Banja Luka ” still in clean and  undamaged clothes” – quote

Real progroms took place in Srem (then – Austro Hungaria, modern Serbia) In Zemun near Belgrade 50 people were hanged without trial . The gallows were erected in  27 villages of Srem . Lot of completely innocent men and women were killed.
Forced displacement of population from the Serbian border regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro toward the interior of the Empire is another measure brought to punish Serbian people. At that time, ” the wise Western democracy” didn’t even think of applying the term “ethnic cleansing ” for these ‘measures’ the Viennese rulers applied on Serbs.

Austrougari ubili srpske dečake
Austrougarsko streljanje srpskih dečaka 

Austro Hungarian troops executing Serbian boys

Before and during the First World War Austro Hungarian military courts sentenced to death and killed large number of Serbian civilians , while their army executed thousands of Serbs without trial . General Oskar Potiorek , commander of BiH ,  a frustrated Slovene and huge Serb-hater, has established by order of Vienna auxiliary militia the infamous  Schutzkorps.  The Schutzkorps units consisted of  Bosnan Muslims and Croats. They had unlimited freedom to attack Serbs , to humiliate, right to looting , burning their houses , to desecrate and burn their (Orthodox) churches and monasteries , and even to kill them without any consequence nor responsibility.

Austrougari vešaju srpske žene u Mačvi 

Austro Hungarians killing Serbian women in Macva region, Serbia 

The Serbs were brought to Arad by train and thrown into prison cells . During  one Sunday afternoon , as it is written , Austro Hungarians ” brought 274 Serbian political prisoners from Dubrovnik , Sibenik, Split and Zadar .” At the beginning they were placed in the military facilities as much as 80 persons per room. As the number of prisoners grew, they were transferred to the basement to sleep on the straw covered benches . Due to the desperate living conditions  and starvation , the variety of infectious diseases erupted:  fever and tuberculosis  finished off what sadistic conc camp keepers didn’t:
few dozens of Serbian people of all ages ( children, women , adults) died daily.

Serbian journalist Radivoje Markovic, whose uncle was killed in the Arad Fortress’s kazamat, wrote:

– Compressed in damp and clummy underground  corridors where light never reach , the internees were suppressed in the unbearable stench. They suffocated in an unbearable odor. In winter , Austro Hungarians kept them almost nude and barefoot in icy areas on the concrete floor so their feet were freezing . Due to that torture the amputation of limbs crippled many inmates , especially juveniles . They were tortured by thirst , tied around a stick and beaten to death , put in iron chains; women ang girls were mass raped until death.

For those who speak Serbian and wanna know more about Arad and Serbian inmates, there are several sources, for ex:


About Arad, but also other WW I conc and death camps for Serbs (Doboj, Foča) and their sufferings in Bosnia and Hercegovina, by  Vladimir Ćorović  (1885 – 1941) :
Crna knjiga, patnje Srba Bosne i Hercegovine za vreme svetskog rata 1914 – 1918.

Crna knjiga Ćorović

Crime without punishment: Anniversary of the Velika Massacre

On this day, 28. July 1944 in the village of Velika, northern Montenegro, two SS divisions – Prince Eugene composed  mostly of ethnic Germans, and SS Skanderbeg, SS Handzar made ​​up of Albanians and local Muslim (,,Bosniaks”) population, committed genocide against residents of Velika in northern Montenegro .

On that day, the SS divisions, in the cruelest possible way have killed over 600 Serbs of Velika, mostly women and children.

Šiptar kolje sveštenika WW II

Albanians killing Serbian orthodox priest – Albanian extremist killing a Serb Orthodox Abbot of Devic – Damaskin Boskovic, 2nd World War Albanian Nazis comitted terrible crimes against Serbs in WW2 in presence of German and Italian occupation forces.

– This is a place covered with blood of innocent children, women and old men who were denied their right to live just because they belong to another religion or nation compared to those who were pulling their knives. Their hatred was gruesome, and left more than a hundred murdered children in the unthinkable ways. They killed even the unborn, by extracting them from the womb of mother and throwing up to stab them by knives, or throwing them, together with mother, to fire,  Testifies Dusan Simonovic, whose wife Milica Simonovic, has been slivered by bayonets and child  was grabbed from the womb before the very eyes of her children, who were forced to watch what happens to their mother.

“And my daughters died: Zorka 14 years, Krstinja eight, two years old son Milorad, Mato was four  They caught him alive, and cut down his legs at the knees, tied him up and hung on a plum tree with  his little head turned down, “, evokes hard memories  the witness of the massacre Dusan Simonovic.

SS SKenderbeg

Albanians  using every opportunity to murder their Orthodox Christian neighbors –  SS Skenderbeg

Representatives of non-governmental organizations “Klub Velika”  (Velika Club) have officially handed over to the Government of Montenegro’s initiative for establishing the full truth about the massacre in the village of Velika, where on 28 July 1944. villains slaughtered children, the elderly and women.

Albanians and Bosnian Muslims still represent majority in Plav. No one has ever been held responsible for the Velika mass slaughter of women and children. 

– Since the massacre in Velika from 28 July 1944.  shouldn’t be forgotten, but kept in eternal memory as warning, we demand that the Government of Montenegro forms a state commission, which would include qualified Velika residents (such as witnesses, family members of the victims), , with the task to establish the exact number of the people  killed, with basic personal data of the victims. We seek to establish exactly the data concerning  all military units involved in this crime, as well as their commanders and composition, with the personal data of their members during the bloody orgy in Velika.


Handzar, Bosnian muslim division of the German SS in Bosnia and territories in northern Montenegro and southern Serbia

It is necessary to shed light on the motive of the crime, whose monstrosity and  proportion to the population is considered to be one of the gravest in Yugoslavia.  The Government of Montenegro is required to cooperate with the descendants and to raise a worthy monument – memorial Center for victims of genocide in Velika.

They were slaughtered in just two to three hours. Beastly. The village moaned. We watched anxiously to them mocking while slaughtering mothers….   The moment to mark this site has come long time ago, and  this place has to be remembered as one of the three largest execution site in Europe in World War II, when we take into account the total population, percentage of the massacred  and territory –  explains the survivor, witness of Velika massacre,  Gojko Gojkovic (84 years), who lives in Belgrade.


Photo: Dr Gojko Gojković, Velika massacre survivor

–  The desire of evil to destroy, dismantle us as humans was evident . The crime was premeditated and planned, and, later,  in the name of (false) brotherhood and unity, ignored. But the memory must not stop. The crime has to be remembered. The crime has to warn.


Šiptar dobrovoljac

Albanians were very eager to prove themselves as Hitler’s faithfull ally  – registering as a SS volunteer

Klub Velika invites Islamic Community in Montenegro to clearly and unequivocally distance from the genocide and condemn crimes against humanity, that the Bosniaks-Muslims, whose majority joined Nazi units, committed against the civilian Orthodox population of Velika.

Velika kod Plava

Orthodox church in Velika – The memorial had to be kept in discretion, not to make the perpetrator’s progeny uncomfortable 

Since the total of 814 victims have been of Plav and Gusinje municipalities, and in Velika massacre two-third of children of our village vanished, we demand that Plav  municipality declares July 28 the Day of remembrance of the victims of genocide in Velika.

Muslimani-SS muftija jerusalimski

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Mohammed Amin al-Husseini, inspects a honor guard of the Bosnian Muslim Waffen SS division Handzar

Since Plav and Gusinje are ruled by Bosnian Muslims and Albanians, the same nationals like those who committed the crime,  seemes that there’s a tiny hope to get anything in memory of the people killed in Velika.
Therefore, few years ago,  the inhabitants have started an online petition and it can be seen and signed here:

The Velika Martyrs – for those who speak Serbian there’s a documenttary book about the horrors  and agony in Velika

image description




“The World Doesn’t Even Know About Jasenovac Even Though As For the Torture and Atrocities, the Croatian camp was far more terrible than Auschwitz”

Says professor dr Gideon Greif, Holocaust expert, on the largest concentration camp in the Independent State of Croatia ( Nezavisna Država Hrvatska, NDH) in his interview for Belgrade based  daily Večernje Novosti, and continues:

Gideon prof.jpg

“The Croatian hands are completely covered with the blood of innocent Serbs, Roma and Jews.
It is hard to believe that even today , at the end of July 2017, Jasenovac remains quite unknown internationally, despite the enormous importance it has not only for the regional but also for the European and Holocaust history.
Because, both the Jasenovac camp and other camps from the genocidal “system” in Croatia as well as other Nazi camps, differ for two reasons:
The first is that according to the testimonies of the survivors, torture in Jasenovac was much more monstrous and more demonic than in Auschwitz and other Nazi concentration camps, and the other reason was that Jasenovac was formed, operated and existed without even the smallest participation of German soldiers.
It was hell on Earth. That’s why the Croatian hands are completely covered by blood.  ”

Ustaški zlikovac Miško Ratković iz Trilja, Dalmacija sa još jednim ustašom, smiju se isprljani ljudskom krvlju, posle pokolja Srba 1941. Nezavisna Država Hrvatska 

Caption of the photo: The Ustasha criminal, Misko Ratkovic from Trilje in Dalmatia, with another Ustasha, laughing while covered by human blood after slaughter of Serbs 1941, Independent State of Croatia.  

Professor Dr. Gideon Greif is Chief Historian and Researcher at the “Shem Olam” Institute for Education, Documentation and Research on Faith and the Holocaust, Israel, and at the Foundation for Holocaust Education Projects in Miami, Florida.  After more than four decades of his work Dr Greif is considered one of the leading experts for Auschwitz and Zonderkommand.
Professor Greif has been paying special attention to the study of Jasenovac in the last two years.  Therefore he announced the publication of the book “Jasenovac – Auschwitz of the Balkans”, and he is one of the editors of the book ” JASENOVAC – THE RIGHT TO REMEMBERANCE””, published in April this year under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia.


“I heard about this terrible camp a long time ago, but I did not know much about him,” says Professor Greif. – I began to study it more closely few years ago.

It is devastating, however, that many of my colleagues, although resectable historians do not know anything about Jasenovac. They do not even know in which state he was, let alone to locate it!

And the history of the people killed in Jasenovac is not only a history of death but a history of atrocities, evil, sadism and indecision. In the concentration camps led by the Croats, death was regarded as a superior value. The prisoners enjoyed to torture their victims and were constantly finding new ways of torture.  To kill was not enough for them, but it had to last and cause painful suffering to the very end. ”

It is terrifying that such a torture was experienced by adults, but what is even worse is that the Croats  knew no mercy for Serbian, but also Jewish and Roma, children and infants.

Deca logorasi
Starved Serbian childern in a single death camp for Serbian (also Jewish and Roma) children and infants, established by Croats in Jastrebarsko, Sisak, Stara Gradiska, Independent State of Croatia

– It is important to know about Jasenovac because, among  other Nazi camps, it is unique for the camps for children and babies in its system – says the professor. – The Germans had camps for women, men, or mixed ones in which adults were with their children.
But the Croats went step further and even had children’s camps.  Horrible! In just a few months, these  newborn babies have experienced only cruelty and sadism.

Kozara villagers Jasenovac
Deported Serbian villagers from the Kozara region are assembled at the entrance to the Jasenovac concentration camp   (Photograph #46554)

“That’s how the Croats as well as the Germans killed their victims twice,” continues Professor Graef. – But the terrible and undeniable truth is that even the German officers who visited Jasenovac and other camps in Croatia were frustrated with the brutality and sadism they saw.
As early as July 10, 1941, Edmond von Honstenau, a German military attaché in Zagreb, wrote to Heinrich Himmel that the German troops were “the witnesses of the brutality of the Ustasha over the Serbs, Jews and Roma.”

Because of all the horrors  he learned about Jasenovac for two years of extensive research, the professor decided to devote some of his work to the victims.

– The voices of hundreds of thousands of innocent victims of Jasenovac and all the death camps in Croatia, who were brutally and most bestially executed, are coming to us from the womb of the earth, asking not to let them be erased and forgotten – says Professor Greif.
– We who have survived must keep their echo. We must raise our voice with all our might to spread the truth of their suffering all over the world. This voice, in fact, must be a scream as their killers Croats and their friends are increasingly trying to erase the traces of crime, to rewrite history and to present lies as facts and bring them to the fore.
Moreover, they are convinced that their revisionism can succeed. But I’m sure they are wrong and will not succeed.

STEPINAC  – When it comes to Cardinal Aloysius Stepinac, I will tell you clearly, sharply and briefly: his canonization is itself a crime, and people who intend to canonize him are criminals – says Professor Greif. – It’s a scoff at the victims. Anyone who has supported a criminal regime like the Ustasha does not deserve any reward!

Ustasa children-41
The very attempt to erase and relativize the history of Jasenovac resembles attempts to abolish the memory of the Holocaust, which is a very dangerous phenomenon. And for this reason, Rabbi Abraham Kriger, the founder and president of the “Shem Olam” Institute, and I came here to oppose to Croatian attempts to rewrite history.

Časne sestre naci hrv deca
Independent State of Croatia – Roman  Catholic clergy  actively participated in murder, forcible conversion of Serbs  and their children

EXHIBITIONS – PROFESSOR Gideon Greif is the director of the International Expert Group of Historians who on January 27th, on the occasion of 75 years since the founding of Jasenovac, organized an exhibition “The Truth About Jasenovac – the Right to Rememberance”  in New York, which was the biggest setting  about this  Croatian monstrous camp abroad.


The exibition includes 180 panels with texts of historians, 25 sculptures of sculptors Ljubiša Mancic and Katarina Tripkovic and 21 drawings by Dragan Jelovac, as well as authentic items of the Memorial Center “Donja Gradina” and material from the archives of Israel, Germany, USA, Italy, Norway, Republic of Srpska, Croatia and Serbia.
This exhibition will also be held in Israel in December.

– Name
– Flag
– National Emblem
– National Anthem 
– Currency
– Uniforms (Nazi black shirts)
– Pure blooded police
– Nazi terminology of WWII
– Orgiastic celebration of mass murder of Serbs
– State sponsored atrocities toward Serbian civilians are the same.

Srbe u Jasenovac



Bloody Croatian Bishop Stepinac is to become a saint canonized by Vatican


Stepinac sa Hitlerovcima sastanak

Croatian Archbishop Stepinac, most likely future Roman Catholic saint, at an Ustashi meeting with (right to left) General Roata, Commander of the Italian Fascist Forces and other Nazis. As “Supreme Military Apostolic Vicar of the Ustashi Army”, Stepinac participated genocide of Serbs, Jews and Roma population, also actively participated in military and political functions, mingling with Fascist, Nazi and Ustashi Commanders.
Honoring criminals is to murder his victims for the second time.
Croatian Archibishop Stepinac was using Nazi German to achieve an ethnically clean (without Serbs) Croatia.

Glinska crkva

– Stepinac was the supreme military vicar in the Independent State of Croatia ( NDH ) army, and therefore responsible for genocide; he is to be blame for the monstrous crimes of Roman Catholic priests, members of Ustasha and Domobran units . He was one of the initiators of the forcible convertion of the Orthodox Serbs . In his letter to Pope Pius XII , to the middle of the 1943. there were about 244,000 Serbs forcibly converted – and these are some of his ” merits “, explains Dr. Veljko Djuric Mišina , historian and director of the Museum of Genocide Victims in Belgrade.
So this is the latest Catholic saint who will be celebrated by millions of people. February 10th is the big day for Catholic Croats in Balkans, because that’s the day their “saint” Aloysius Stepinac will be celebrated and honoures.
This man, on the other hand, was the torturer and collaborator in genocide against Orthodox Christians, Gypsies and Jews. In the era of heresy of ecumenism (false, dishonest, by Vatican and NWO promoted unity) it’s probably not a big deal to convince the humiliated, liveless masses of people that the torturer Aloysius and his victim martyr saint Vukasin Klepacki got the same rank (Stepinac in Catholic Croatian, and Vukasin in Serbian Orthodox church) and that both should be celebrated together?!

Stepinac hitler
Alen Budaj, an associate of the Jerusalem-based Simon Wiesenthal Center, says “Stepinac never repented his Catholic ‘baptized souls’ burning Jewish and Serbian churches, plundering around as wild hordes, raping and killing the ”infidel heretics” as crusader armies once did across the Holy Land,”

Budaj added that Stepinac knew about it all, but nevertheless bestowed blessings on the NDH and served it, even after its collapse, hiding Ustasha criminals, stolen Serbian and Jewish gold and Ustasha state archive in the Zagreb Kaptol.
“To me, as a free man, Stepinac will never be a saint, as I am not bound by decisions of the Pope, nor have I lost my mind to believe in that fraudulent alchemy of miraculous transformation of a criminal into a saint. ”


Saint Vukasin Klepacki, tortured and murdered by roman catholic fanatics – Vukasin Mandrapa was a farmer and merchant, born in Klepci (at the time the Ottoman Empire, modern-day Bosnia and Herzegovina). He and his family lived in Sarajevo and then returned to Klepci, but were arrested and sent to the Independent State of Croatia Jasenovac death camp, for both their Serbian ethnicity and for refusing to convert from Serbian Orthodox Christianity to Roman Catholicism. At least two nephews of him are said to have died in Jasenovac before he did.

In January 1943, Mandrapa was singled out by the Croatian Ustaše Josep “Zhila” Friganović, who had noticed his stoic behavior during the forced labor days and the slaughter of prisoners at night. Then, he was mutilated by Friganović, after his repeated refusals to praise Ustase leader Ante Pavelic.[2] For as long as Mandrapa could speak, he told Friganović “radi ti, dijete, svoj posao.” (“Do your job, child” in Serbian): as a result his ears, tongue and nose were cut, then his eyes and heart were gouged out, and his throat was slit. Friganović is said to have been unable to kill more people that night, fallen into alcoholism, and years later later he confessed this to a doctor named Nedelko Nedo Zets, who wrote it down.

Stepinac sa ustasama

The pillars ‘laid their life’ for the monstrous Independent State of Croatia – Stepinac dominates.

Today is the 18th anniversary of the murder of 14 Serbian laborers in the wheat field

On 23. July 1999. Albanians and USA terrorists ambushed and killed 14 Serbs in the wheat field in Staro Gracko near Lipljan.Staro Gracko Žrtve

According to Serbia’s intelligence agency White book about Albanian terrorism and organized crime in Kosovo, Ajvaz KORPUZI is one of the organizers of Staro Gracko massacre. Serbian Intel. sources released all the necessary info UN investigators need, such as:

AJVAZ (Behram) KORPUZI Born on May 21st, 1956, in the village of Sedlare, Municipality of Lipljan. He stayed in Albania until 1991 and, after completing his military training, he left for Western Europe, where he joined Albanian emigration and became, from 1998 onward, one of the most extreme members of KLA.
He was a member of the headquarters of KLA 121st brigade, as well as an officer of the “military police”, engaged in the planning and direct conduct of terrorist acts aimed against the members of the Serbian Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Yugoslav Army forces on the territory of the villages of Crnoljevo, Lapušnik, Klečka and Magura. In September 1998, the members of the aforementioned unit, carried out a terrorist act against Milosav Stanišić, from the village of Slovinja, a reserve police officer of the police station in Lipljan, who suffered a leg wound. In October of the same year,
he took part in the terrorist attack against Fatmir Qerinaj’s family, from the village of Petrović, Municipality of Štimlje, a policeman from the station in Lipljan, in the arrest of 
two of Tanjug’s journalists and the assassination of several Albanians loyal to the Republic of Serbia.

After June 1999, he organized ethnic cleansing on the territory of Lipljan and the neighboring villages. He is one of the organizers CLASSIFIED Releasable to UNMIK CLASSIFIED of, and the participants in, the terrorist act carried out on July 23, 1999, in the village of Staro Gracko, Municipality of Lipljan, in which 14 individuals were killed (Novica Janićijević, Stanimir Djekić, Božidar Djekić, Miodrag Tepšić, Andrija Oldalovac, Mile Janićijević, Momčilo Janićijević, Slobodan Janićijević, Milovan Jovanović, Jovica Živić, Radovan Živić, Saša Cvejić, Ljubiša Cvejić and Nikola Stojanović). Ajvaz KORPUZI (DOB 21 MAY 1956. Lives in SEDLARE, DN 9364 0505) Korpuzi is the chairman of the Lipljan Islamist terrorist War Veteran Association.
However, Korpuzi is still free and lives in the village of Sedlare, Lipljan.
Staro Gracko spomenik


Families want to know if one of the reasons of halting the investigation was, as they claim, the fact that the murderer came from the village of Ćuška, the birthplace of the former commander of the Kosovo Liberation Army and the current minister of Kosovo’s security forces, Agim Ceku.

GORAŽDEVAC, August 12 /SRNA/ – Tuesday marks the 14th anniversary of the murder of Serbian children in Goraždevac near Peć. On August 13, 2003, Ivan Jovović aged 19 and Pantelija Dakić aged 12 were taking a swim in the Bistrica River when they were shot dead with automatic weapons.

Their peers Đorde Ugrenović aged 20, Bogdan Bukumirić aged 14, Marko Bogićević aged 12, and Dragana Srbljak aged 13 were severely wounded.

Despite promises and a million-mark reward offered by UNMIK administration and police for information leading to the orchestrators and perpetrators of the crime – no one has been brought to justice to this day.

In late 2010, due to “lack of evidence” EULEX closed the investigation which it took over from UNMIK upon its arrival in Kosovo, even though it also “inherited” the promise made by former UNMIK police chief Stefan Veller that “no stone will be left unturned” in an attempt to find the perpetrators of the crimes committed against the Serbian children.

Despite their assurances that they came to Kosovo and Metohija to enforce the rule of law and detect all crimes, EULEX investigators once again confirmed by suspending the investigation that the crimes against the Serbs are swept under the carpet and, as they like to put it, that type of crime is difficult to investigate due to the “wall of silence.”

It remains uncertain why it took Prosecutor Alenka Sagmeister-Ranzinger from Slovenia until February 2011 to let the families know that the investigation was suspended.

The murdered and wounded children’s families want to know if one of the reasons of halting the investigation was, as they claim, the fact that the murderer came from the village of Ćuška, the birthplace of the former commander of the Kosovo Liberation Army and the current minister of Kosovo’s security forces, Agim Ceku.

Ranzinger had said that the criminal reports charging unidentified perpetrators with aggravated murder and attempted murder in Goraždevac were suspended because “all investigative leads have been exhausted” and that “no suspects were identified during the investigation.”

The Serbian families received the information thanks to the efforts of Bogda n Bukumirić, who received seven entry-and-exit wounds in the attack and who persistently asked EULEX to inform him of the results of the investigation.

The Prosecutor’s Office’s decision came as a shock to the families and they felt resentment over it, while Bukumirić who barely survived the attack that left him disabled believes that the “investigation on this monstrous crime was not conducted the way it should have been” and that Serbia and its prosecuting authorities should seek another investigation.

When he heard that the investigation was suspended, former minister for Kosovo Goran Bogdanović asked EULEX, UNMIK and KFOR to say how many years it would take them to shed light on at least one crime against the Serbs and what was preventing them from doing it.

“If after 18 years not a single crime against the Serbs has been prosecuted, then the international agencies should clearly state what or who the problem is, but they also need to remove the obstacles and create the conditions to finally solve those crimes,” Bogdanović said at the time.

Families of the dead children are urging the international bodies to finally raise the issue of the other crimes against the Serbs.

Apart from Goraždevac, the crimes that have not been prosecuted yet are the one in Staro Gracko when 14 Serbian harvesters were killed, the murder of four members of the Simić family in the village of Slivovo near Gračanica, the murder of the Stolić family in Obilić, the attack on a Niš Express bus in the village of Livadice near Obilić, etc.

The Tuesday commemoration will be held in a local church in Goraždevac and in the town’s cemeteries, while the Kosovo Police is reported to provide security for the assembly of Serbs. /end/dš

Report by Neđeljko Zejak, August 12 /SRNA

Serbian shooting team attacked by Croats. Reason: Being Serbs

Serbian shooting team attacked by Croats. Reason: Being Serbs

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History repeats – everytime Croats (Bosnian Muslims, Albanians) commit some crime or cause incidents, globalist media remains silent. Especially if the victims were Serbs.  This is what happened  yesterday in EU, Croatia.   Such anattempt of lynching an Olympic champion  usually gets headlines.
Except when the Champion is a Serb.
Group of Croatian hooligans have attacked Serbian national shooting team, and only thanks to sheer luck the sportsmen escaped lynching.

Serbian Olympic champion  Damir Mikec says all happened on Saturday night in the parking lot,  when Dusko Petrov, Zoran Vujic, Srdjan Jovanovic and Uros Kacavenda were returning from dinner.


” There were seven youngsters on the parking lot, and they headed for us. When we got into the car, they ran and started shouting, threatening, heating  our vehicle. They  tried to open every door and pull us out,  drag us outside and smash the car.
Luckily I managed to quickly start the engine, and then they ran another fifty meters behind us in order to catch us alive.

The most important thing is that we’re alive and without injuries, but we are all very upset, ” describes  Mikec,  who during the two days of the competition convincingly won gold.